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3D SER., 40, NO. 4 (OCTOBER 1983)

A People&#;s Army: Provincial Military Service in Massachusetts During the Seven Years’ War 
Fred Anderson

War and Culture: The Iroqouis Experience 
Daniel Richter

The First Whalemen of Nantucket 

Notes and Documents

Words and Things: A Review and Discussion of “New England Begins” 
John Demos

Shays&#;s Rebellion and Its Aftermath: A View from Springfield, Massachusetts, 1787 
Richard D. Brown

Mercy Otis Warren versus Lord Chesterfield 1779 
Edmund M. Hayes


Reviews of Books

Craton, Testing the Chains: Resistance to Slavery in the British West Indies. By David Barry Gaspar 624

Wells, Revolutions in Americans&#; Lives: A Demographic Perspective on the History of Americans, Their Families, and Their Society. By Edward Shorter 626

The Pynchon Papers. Volume 1: Letters of John Pynchon, 1654&#;1700. Ed. Bridenbaugh. By Stephen Innes 628

Perkins, The Economy of Colonial America. By Converse D. Clowse 630

Garrison, Oglethorpe&#;s Folly: The Birth of Georgia. By Harvey H. Jackson 632

Clowse, Measuring Charleston&#;s Overseas Commerce, 1717&#;1767: Statistics from the Port’s Naval List. By Peter V. Bergstrom 633

Nadelhaft, The Disorders of War: The Revolution in South Carolina. By Jeffrey J. Crow 635

Godbold and Woody, Christopher Gadsden and the American Revolution. By Carl Vipperman 638

Hargrove, General John Burgoyne. By Sylvia R. Frey 640

Reardon, Peyton Randolph, 1721&#;1775: One Who Presided. By Gerald S. Cowden 642

Flower, John Dickinson: Conservative Revolutionary. By Benjamin H. Newcomb 644

Sovereign States in an Age of Uncertainty, ed. Hoffman and Albert. By H. James Henderson 646

Stuart, War and American Thought from the Revolution to the Monroe Doctrine. By Craig Symonds 648

Cress, Citizens in Arms: The Army and the Miltia in American Society to the War of 1812. By Thomas P. Slaughter 649

Elliott, Revolutionary Writers: Literature and Authority in the New Republic, 1725&#;1810. By Bruce Granger 651

James, Changing Ideas about Women in the United States, 1776&#;1825. By Laurel Thatcher Ulrich 653

Evans, Mather Brown: Early American Artists in England. By J. Meredith Neil 655

William Rush, American Sculptor. By J. Meredith Neil 658

New Opportunities in a New Nation: The Development of New York after the Revolution, ed. Jonas and Wells. By Roger E. Carp 658


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