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3D SER., 39, NO. 3 (JULY 1982)

Conspiracy and the Paranoid Style: Causality and Deceit in the Eighteenth Century 
Gordon S. Wood

A Perspective on Demographic Methods and Effects in Social History 
Daniel Scott Smith

“The Contagion of Corrupt Opinions” in Puritan Massachusetts: The Case of William Pynchon 
Philip F. Gura

Notes and Documents

A Portrait of the Artist in Eighteenth&#;Century America: Charles Brockden Brown&#;s Memoirs of Stephen Calvert 
Maurice J. Bennett

Doctoral Dissertations


Reviews of Books

Johnson, Adjustment to Empire: The New England Colonies, 1675&#;1715. By Francis J. Bremer 523

Sosin, English America and the Restoration Monarchy of Charles II: Transatlantic Politics, Commerce, and Kinship. By Alison Olson 525

Price, Capital and Credit in British Overseas Trade: The View from the Chesapeake, 1700&#;1776. By P. G. M. Dickson 527

The British Atlantic Empire Before the American Revolution, ed. Marshall and Williams. By Philip S. Haffenden 529

Axtell, The European and the Indian: Essays in the Ethnohistory of Colonial North America. By Anthony F. C. Wallace 532

Breen, Puritans and Adventurers: Change and Persistence in Early America. By John E. Crowley 534

Bridenbaugh, Early Americans. By Emory G. Evans 536

Pencak, War, Politics, & Revolution in Provincial Massachusetts. By George Athan Billias 538

Lowance, The Language of Canaan: Metaphor and Symbol in New England from the Puritans to the Transcendentalists. By David Levin 540

Hoffman, Brotherly Love. By Donald E. Stanford 542

Worrall, Quakers in the Colonial Northeast. By Melvin B. Endy, Jr. 545

Ferling, A Wilderness of Miseries: War and Warriors in Early America. By Ira D. Gruber 546

Shaw, American Patriots and the Rituals of Revolution. By Charles Royster 548

Austin, Matthew Lyon: “New Man” of the Democratic Revolution, 1749&#;1822. By Jere Daniell 551

Crosskey and Jeffrey, Politics and the Constitution in the History of the United States. Vol. III: The Political Background of the Federal Convention. By Steven R. Boyd 552

Pethick, First Approaches to the Northwest Coast. By Cole Harris 554

Gough, Distant Dominion: Britain and the Northwest Coast of North America, 1579&#;1809. By Cole Harris 554

Captain James Cook and His Times, ed. Fisher and Johnston. By Cole Harris554

Maier, The Old Revolutionaries: Political Lives in the Age of Samuel Adams. By David L. Ammerman 557

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