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3D SER., 39, NO. 1 (JANUARY 1982)

The Study of the Family in Early America: Trends, Problems, and Prospects
Daniel Blake Smith

The Puritan Family and Religion: A Critical Reappraisal
Gerald F. Moran and Maris A. Vinovskis

Family, Inheritance, and Migration in Colonial New England: The Evidence from Guilford, Connecticut
John J. Waters

Children in American Family Portraiture, 1670 to 1810
Karin Calvert

Married Women&#;s Legal Status in Eighteenth&#;Century New York and Virginia
Joan R. Gundersen and Gwen Victor Gampel

Domestic Tranquility and the Management of Emotion Among the Gentry of Pre-Revolutionary Virginia
Jan Lewis

Rearing the Republican Child: Attitudes and Practices in Post-Revolutionary Philadelphia
Jacqueline S. Reinier

Notes and Documents

Women in Court: Sex-Role Differentiation in Salem, Massachusetts, 1636 to 1683
C. Dallett Hemphill

Determinants of Age at Marriage in Colonial Perquimans County, North Carolina
James M. Gallman

Naming, Kinship,and Estate Disperal: Notes on Slave Family Life on a
South Carolina Plantation, 1786 to 1833
Cheryll Ann Cody

Thomas Jefferson&#;s Notes on Divorce
Frank L. Dewey


Reviews of Books

Smith, Inside the Great House: Planter Family Life in Eighteenth-Century Chesapeake Society. By Rhys Isaac226

Norton, Liberty&#;s Daughters: The Revolutionary Experience of American Women, 1750-1800. By Robert A. Gross231

Koehler, A Search for Power: The“Weaker Sex” in Seventeenth-Century New England. By John J. Waters240

Brown, Strangers in Blood: Fur Trade Company Families in Indian Country. By Ramsay Cook240

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