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3D SER., 38, NO. 2 (APRIL 1981)

The Material Lives of Laboring Philadelphians, 1750 to 1800 
Billy G. Smith

“Under the Banner of King Death”: The Social World of Anglo-American Pirates, 1716 to 1726 
Marcus Rediker

America&#;s Lafayette and Lafayette’s America: A European and the American Revolution 
Lloyd S. Kramer

Notes and Documents

The Historian as Census Taker: Individual Reconstitution and the Reconstruction of 
Censuses for a Colonial Chesapeake County 
Lorena S. Walsh

A Source for Eighteenth&#;Century Harvard Master&#;s Questions 
Minor Myers, Jr.

Andrew Hamilton and the He-Monster 
Walker Lewis


Reviews of Books

Adams, The First American Constitutions: Republican Ideology and the Making of the State Constitutions in the Revolutionary Era. By Jack N. Rakove 297

McCoy, The Elusive Republic: Political Economy in Jeffersonian America. By Paul Conkin 301

Alexander, Render Them Submissive: Responses to Porverty in Philadelphia, 1760&#;1800. By Richard Alan Ryerson 305

Kupperman, Settling with the Indians: The Meeting of English and Indian Cultures in America, 1580&#;1640. By Helen C. Rountree 308

Lovelace, The American Pietism of Cotton Mather: Origins of American Evangelicalism. By Charles E. Hambrick-Stowe 309

Bush, The Writings of Thomas Hooker: Spiritual Adventure in Two Worlds. By William K. B. Stoever 312

Walton and Shepherd, The Economic Rise of Early America. By Joseph A. Ernst 314

Breen and Innes, “Myne Owne Ground”: Race and Freedom on Virginia&#;s Eastern Shore, 1640&#;1676. By Lorena S. Walsh 315

Gragg, Migration in Early America: The Virginia Quaker Experience. By Barry Levy 318

The Press & the American Revolution, ed. Bailyn and Hench. By Richard D. Brown 320

Broussard, The Southern Federalists, 1800&#;1816. By Richard E. Ellis322

Valle, Rocks & Shoals: Order and Discipline in the Old Navy, 1800&#;1861. By Christopher McKee 325

Rollins, The Long Journey of Noah Webster. By Steven J. Novak 328

Hendricks, Charles Thomson and the Making of a New Nation, 1729&#;1824. By Robert F. Jones 330

Clarfield, Timothy Pickering and the American Republic. By William Stinchcombe 331

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