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3D SER., 37, NO. 4 (OCTOBER 1980)

George Grenville and America: The Years of Opposition, 1765 to 1770 
Philip Lawson

“Clearing the Medium”: A Reevaluation of the Puritan Plain Style in Light of John Cotton&#;s A Practicall Commentary 
Upon the First Epistle Generall of John
Jesper Rosenmeier

“High-Born, Long-Recorded Families”: Social Origins of New Jersey Assemblymen, 1703 to 1776 
Thomas L. Purvis

Notes and Documents

Five Maryland Censuses, 1700 to 1712: A Note on the Quality of the Quantities 
Russell R. Menard

New Lights in New London: A Group Portrait of the Separatists 
Peter S. Onuf

“An Important Question Answered”: William Graham&#;s Defense of Slavery in Post&#;Revolutionary Virginia 
David W. Robson


Reviews of Books

Nash, The Urban Crucible: Social Change, Political Consciousness, and the Origins of the American Revolution. By Marc Egnal 655

Webb, The Governors-General: The English Army and the Definition of the Empire, 1569&#;1681. By Stephen Baxter 658

Jedrey, The World of John Cleaveland: Family and Community in Eighteenth-Century New England. By Robert A. Gross 661

Leverenz, The Language of Puritan Feeling: An Exploration in Literature, Psychology, and Social History. By Andrew Delbanco 665

Savage, Discovering America, 1700&#;1875. By James P. Ronda 667

The Correspondence of the Three William Byrds of Westover, Virginia, 1684&#;1766, ed. Tinling. By Jane Carson 670

Dickinson, Liberty and Property: Political Ideology in Eighteenth-Century Britain. By Harvey C. Mansfield, Jr. 671

Smith, The Early Career of Lord North the Prime Minister. By Charles R. Ritcheson 673

The Revolutionary War in the South: Power, Conflict, and Leadership. Essays in Honor of John Richard Alden, ed. Higgins. By Franklin B. Wickwire 676

The Southern Experience in the American Revolution, eds. Crowe and Tise.By Franklin B. Wickwire 676

O&#;Connor, William Paterson: Lawyer and Statesman, 1745&#;1806. By Donald M. Roper 679

Sellers, Mr. Peale&#;s Museum: Charles Willson Peale and the First Popular Museum of Natural Science and Art. By Irma B. Jaffe 681

Bush, The Dream of Reason: American Consciousness and Cultural Achievement from Independence to the Civil War. By J. Meredith Neil 683

Littlefield, Africans and Creeks from the Colonial Period to the Civil War. By James H. O&#;Donnell III 685


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