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3D SER., 37, NO. 1 (JANUARY 1980)

Chattel Slavery as the Nightmare of the American Revolutionaries 
F. Nwabueze Okoye

Authority, Law, and Custom: The Rituals of Court Day in Tidewater Virginia 
A. G. Roeber

Dutch Townsmen and Land Use: A Spatial Perspective on Seventeenth&#;Century Albany, New York 
Donna Merwick

Slave Rebelliousness and Social Conflict in North Carolina, 1775 to 1802 
Jeffrey J. Crow

Notes and Documents

In Defense of Regicide: John Cotton on the Execution of Charles I 
Francis J. Bremer

John Adams&#;s Earliest Essays: The Humphrey Ploughjogger Letters 
Helen Saltzberg Saltman


Reviews of Books

Community and Continuity: A Review of Selected Works on English Local History. By Mark A. Kishlansky 139

Porter, The Inconstant Savage: England and the North American Indian, 1500&#;1600. By Bernard W. Sheehan 146

Gawalt, The Promise of Power: The Emergence of the Legal Profession in Massachusetts, 1760&#;1840. By Maxwell Bloomfield 151

Levin, Cotton Mather: The Young Life of the Lord&#;s Rememberance, 1663&#;1703. By David D. Hall 153

Reid, In Defiant Stance: The Conditions of Law in Massachusetts Bay, the Irish Comparison, and the Coming of the American Revolution. By Hiller B. Zobel 155

Perdue, Slavery and the Evolution of Cherokee Society, 1540&#;1866. By Francis Paul Prucha 158

Zimmer, Jonathan Boucher: Loyalist in Exile. By Wallace Brown 159

Seed, James Wilson. By John M. Coleman 160

Schwarz, The Jarring Interests: New York&#;s Boundary Makers, 1664&#;1776. By Robert C. Ritchie 161

Fisher, Bering&#;s Voyages: Whither and Why. By Alton S. Donnelly 163


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