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3D SER., 36, NO. 4 (OCTOBER 1979)

Jefferson and the Scottish Enlightenment: A Critique of Garry Wills&#;s Inventing America: Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence
Ronald Hamowy

“Thieving Buggers” and “Stupid Sluts”: Insults and Popular Culture in New France
Peter N. Moogk

Cultural Continuity Among the Piscataway Indians of Colonial Maryland
James H. Merrell

Landholding, Opportunity, and Mobility in Revolutionary New Jersey
Dennis P. Ryan

Notes and Documents

Was It Murder for a White Man to Kill a Slave? Chief Justice Martin Howard Condemns the Peculiar Institution in North Carolina
Don Higginbotham

Theophilus Harris&#;s Thoughts on Emigrating to America in 1793
John Hammond Moore


Reviews of Books

Kettner, The Development of American Citizenship, 1608&#;1807. By Paul K. Conkin618

Bercovitch, The American Jermiad. By David Levin620

Kim, Landlord and Tenant in Colonial New York: Manorial Society, 1664&#;1775. By Thomas J. Archdeacon622

The Diaries of George Washington. Vol. I: 1748&#;1765. Vol. II: 1766–1770. Vol. III: 1771–1778., 1780–1784, eds. Jackson and Twohig. Vol. IV: 1784–June 1786, eds. Jackson and Twohig, et al. By Kevin P. Kelly624

Daly, God&#;s Altar: The World and the Flesh in Puritan Poetry. By Mason I. Lowance, Jr.628

Berens, Providence & Patriotism in Early America, 1640&#;1815. By Donald Weber629

Ritchie, The Duke&#;s Province: A Study of New York Politics and Society, 1664&#;1691. By Lawrence H. Leder633

Mitchell, Commercialism and Frontier: Perspectives on the Early Shenandoah Valley. By Samuel Hilliard634

Munroe, Colonial Delaware: A History. By John A. Neuenschwander636

Foucault, The History of Sexuality. Vol. I: An Introduction By Marcus Rediker637

Appleby, Economic Thought and Ideology in Seventeenth&#;Century England. By John Brewer640

Miquelon, Dugard of Rouen: French Trade to Canada and the West Indies, 1729&#;1770. By J. F. Bosher642

Grander, American Essay Serials from Franklin to Irving. By Jayne K. Kribbs643

The Papers of John Marshall. Vol. II: Correspondence and Papers, July 1788&#;December 1795. Account Book, July 1788–December 1795, eds. Cullen and Johnson, et al. By Robert K. Faulkner646

Van Cortlandt Family Papers. Vol. I: The Revolutionary War Memoir and Selected Correspondence of Philip Van Cortlandt. Vol. II: Correspondence of the Van Cortlandt Family of Cortlandt Manor, 1748&#;1800. Vol. III: 1800–1814, ed. Judd. By Alice P. Kenney648

Alberts, Benjamin West: A Biography. By Lillian B. Miller650

Holifield, The Gentleman Theologians: Theology in Southern Culture, 1795&#;1860. By Daniel Walker Howe653


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