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3D SER., 36, NO. 1 (JANUARY 1979)

Commerce and Character: The Anglo&#;American as New–Model Man
Ralph Lerner

Stability and Change in Early National Politics: The Maryland Voter and the Election of 1800
David A. Bohmer

Power and Precedent in the Creation of an American Impeachment Tradition: The Eighteenth&#;Century Colonial Record
Peter C. Hoffer

Power and Precedent in the Creation of an American Impeachment Tradition: The Eighteenth-Century Colonial Record
N. E. H. Hull and Peter C. Hoffer

The Radical Ideology of Samuel Gorton: New Light on the Relation of English to American Puritanism
Philip F. Gura

Changes in the Organization of Artisan Production in Baltimore, 1790 to 1820
Charles G. Steffen


Reviews of Books

Zvesper, Political Philosophy and Rhetoric: A Study of the Origins of American Party Politics. By Cecelia M. Kenyon120

Canny, The Elizabethan Conquest of Ireland: A Pattern Established, 1565&#;1576. By Grenfell Morton123

Stiverson, Poverty in a Land of Plenty: Tenancy in Eighteenth&#;Century Maryland. By James T. Lemon125

Dinkin, Voting in Provincial America: A Study of Electonrs in the Thirteen Colonies, 1689&#;1776. By David Curtis Skaggs127

Prince, The Federalists and the Origins of the U.S. Civil Service. By Jacob E. Cooke128

Wiecek, The Sources of Antislavery Constitutionalism in America, 1760&#;1848. By Donald M. Roper130

Flower and Murphey, A History of Philosophy in America. Vol. I. By Norman S. Fiering133

The Papers of Benjamin Henry Latrobe, eds. Carter, Jeffrey. By Whitfield J. Bell, Jr.134

The Papers of Benjamin Henry Latrobe. Series I: Journals. The Virginia Journals of Benjamin Henry Latrobe. Vol. I: 1795&#;1797. Vol. II: 1795–1798, eds. Carter, Polites et al. By Whitfield J. Bell, Jr.134

Reid, Maine, Charles II and Massachusetts: Governmental Relationships in Early Northern New England. By Gordon Ernest Kershaw137

Powell, John Pry, 1572&#;1636: The Life and Letters of a Man of Many Parts. By David B. Quinn139

Tolmie, The Triumph of the Saints: The Separate Churches of London, 1616&#;1649. By Kenneth W. Shipps141

Speck, Stablility and Strife: England, 1714&#;1760. By Isaac Kramnick143

Ferling, The Loyalist Mind: Joseph Galloway and the American Revolution. By Norman S. Cohen145

Everest, Moses Haznen and the Canadian Refugees in the American Revolution. By G. A. Rawlyk146

Freedom&#;s Voice in Poetry and Song. Part I: An Inventory of Political and Patriotic Lyric in Colonial American Newspapers, 1773&#;1783. Part II: Song Book, ed. Anderson. By Alfred F. Young147

Novak, The Rights of Youth: American Colleges and Student Revolt, 1798&#;1815. By David C. Humphrey149

Forsythe, Taxation and Political Change in the Young Nation, 1781&#;1833. By Paul W. Brewer151

Adams, Finance and Enterprise in Early America: A Study of Stephen Girard&#;s Bank, 1812&#;1831. By Frances W. Gregory152

Goldstein, Philadelphia and the China Trade, 1682&#;1846: Commercial, Cultural, and Attitudinal Effects. By Irwin H. Polishook155

Conley, Democracy in Decline: Rhode Island&#;s Constitutional Development, 1776&#;1841. By Irwin H. Polishook155


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