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3D SER., 36, NO. 2 (APRIL 1979)

“The Nature of Treason”: Revolutionary Virture and American Reactions to Benedict Arnold
Charles Royster

Reason in Madness: The Political Thought of James Otis
James R. Ferguson

The Negative on State Laws: James Madison, the Constitution, and the Crisis of Republican Government
Charles F. Hobson

Notes and Documents

Religious Renewal, Puritan Tribalism, and the Family in Seventeenth&#;Century Milford, Connecticut
Gerald F. Moran

Editing a Historical Manuscript: Jared Sparks, Douglas Southall Freeman, and the Battle of Brandywine
Richard N. Sheldon


The Social Origins of Some Early Americans: Rejoinder
David W. Galenson


Reviews of Books

Greven, The Protestant Temperament: Patterns of Child&#;Rearing, Religious Experience, and the Self in Early America. By Christopher Lasch290

Bender, Community and Social Change in America. By James A. Henretta292

Law,“Society, and Politics in Early Maryland”, ed. Land et al. By David L. Ammerman294

Tully, William Penn&#;s Legacy: Politics and Social Structure in Provincial Pennsyvania, 1726&#;1755. By Thomas H. Wendel295

Cooke, Tench Coxe and the Early Republic. By Paul Goodman298

Cunningham, The Process of Government under Jefferson. By Christopher McKee300

Johnstone, Jefferson and the Presidency: Leadership in the Young Republic. By John Pancake302

Rowe, Thomas McKean: The Shaping of an American Republicanism. By Norman S. Cohen304

Scott, From Office to Profession: The New England Ministry, 1750&#;1850. By Robert L. Ferm305

Commons Debates, 1628. Vol. I: Introduction and Reference Materials. Vol. II: 17 March&#;19 April. Vol. III: 21 April–27 May, ed.Johnson et al. Vol. IV: 28 May–26 June, ed. Keeler et al. By Clayton Roberts306

Kenyon, Revolution Principles: The Politics of Party, 1689&#;1720. By Carolyn A. Edie308

Simmons, The American Colonies from Settlement to Independence. By J. M. Bumsted310

Lachance, La Justice crimielle du roi au Canada au XVIIe siecle: Tribunaux et officiers. By John A. Dickinson312

Smith, The Writs of Assistance Case. By Gerard W. Gawalt313

Peters, The Massachusetts Constitution of 1780: A Social Compact. By Willi Paul Adams315

Martin, Keepers of the Game: Indian-Animal Relationships and the Fur Trade. By Cornelius J. Jaenen317

Goodwin,, Cherokees in Transition: A Study of Changing Culture and Environment Prior to 1775. By Theda Perdue320

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