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3D SER., 35, NO. 2 (APRIL 1978)

“I Did the Best I Could for my Day”: The Study of Early Black History during the Second Reconstruction, 1960&#;1976 By Peter H. Wood 185

The Origins of Afro-American Society in Tidewater Maryland and Virginia, 1700 to 1790 
Allan Kulikoff

Slaves for Hire: The Allocation of Black Labor in Elizabeth City County, Virginia, 1782 to 1810 
Sarah S. Hughes

The Early Political Development of Jamaica Maroon Societies 
Barbara Klamon Kopytoff

The Antigua Slave Conspiracy of 1736: A Case Study of the Origins of Collective Resistance 
David Barry Gaspar

Hobbesian or Panglossiani? The Two Extremes of Slave Conditions in the British Carribean, 1783 to 1834. By Michael Craton 324

Notes and Documents

Fertility Differentials Between Slaves in the United States and the British West Indies: A Note on Lactation Practices 
Herbert S. Klein

New York and the Slave Trade, 1700 to 1774 
James G. Lydon


Walker, 396

Higman, Slave Population and Economy in Jamaica, 1807&#;1834. By Jack Ericson Eblen 398

Palmer, Slaves of the White God: Blacks in Mexico, 1570&#;1650. By Edgar F. Love 401

A Documentary History of Slavery in North America, ed. Rose. By C. Duncan Rice 402

American Negro Slavery: A Documentary History, ed. Mullin. By C. Duncan Rice 402

Gross, The Minutemen and Their World. By John J. Waters 404

Brewer, Party Ideology and Popular Politics at the Accession of George III. By Carla H. Hay 406

American Literature, 1764&#;1789: The Revolutionary Years, ed. Emerson. By Lewis Leary 409

Foner, Labor and the American Revolution. By Pauline Maier 411

The Democratic-Republican Societies, 1790&#;1800: A Documentary Sourcebook of Constitutions, Declarations, Addresses, Resolutions, and Toasts, ed. Foner. By Richard J. Twomey 413

Hatfield, William Claiborne: Jeffersonian Centurion in the American Southwest. The USL History Series. By Robert L. Gold 415

Steffen, William Clark: Jeffersonian Man on the Frontier. By Robert L. Gold 415

Carson, Bacon&#;s Rebellion, 1676&#;1976, and Bacon’s Rebellion: Abstracts of Materials in the Colonial Records Project, comp. Neville. By Joan De Lourdes Leonard 417

United States Documents in the Propaganda Fide Archives. A Calendar, First Series, ed. Kenneally. By Luca Codignola 419

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