Past Conferences


OI 25th Annual Conference
June 13—16, 2019
University of Pittsburgh

Program Committee: Molly Warsh (Chair), Tara Bynum, Elizabeth Ellis, Niklas Frykman, Fabrício Prado

Lapidus Initiative Digital Collections Fellowship Symposium

September 26–27, 2019
William & Mary Office, Washington DC

Moderator: Molly O’Hagan Hardy

Law and Legal Culture in Early America (a symposium in conjunction with an exhibit of rare books from the collection of Sid Lapidus at the W&M Law School Wolf Law Library, titled “British and Colonial Antecedents to American Liberties”)

October 18, 2019
W&M Law School, Williamsburg, VA

Program Committee: James Ambuske, Warren Billings, Randall Flaherty, and Linda Tesar


OI 24th Annual Conference and 75th anniversary celebration
June 14—17, 2018
William & Mary

Program Committee: Alan Taylor (Chair), Christian Ayne Crouch, Philip Gould, Eric Hinderaker, Simon P. Newman, Carla Gardina Pestana

Trans-American Crossings: Enslaved Migrations Within the Americas and Their Impacts on Slave Cultures and Societies
June 1—3, 2018
The John Carter Brown Library

Program Committee: Alex Borucki, Jennifer Morgan, Greg O’Malley


OI 23rd Annual Conference
June 15—17, 2017
University of Michigan

Program Committee Chairs: David Hancock (Chair), Patrick Griffin, Margaret Newell, Joseph Rezek


Region and Nation in American Histories of Race and Slavery
October 6—9, 2016
Mount Vernon, Virginia

Program Committee: Ira Berlin, Scott Casper, James Sidbury, Stephanie Smallwood

OI 22nd Annual Conference
June 23—26, 2016
Worcester Polytechnic Institute and the American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, Massachusetts

Program Committee Chairs: Steven Bullock, Paul Erickson, Wilhelm Klooster


Emerging Histories of the Early Modern French Atlantic
October 16—18, 2015
Williamsburg, Virginia

Program Committee Chairs: Christopher Hodson and Brett Rushforth

OIEAHC-SEA Conference (OI 21st Annual Conference)
June 18—21, 2015
Loyola University, Chicago and the University of Chicago

Program Committee Chairs: Kristina Bross and Eric Slaughter


OI 20th Annual Conference
June 12—14, 2014
Dalhousie University and Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Program Committee Chairs: Justin Roberts and Elizabeth Mancke


The Québec Act of 1774: Transnational Contexts, Meanings, and Legacies
October 4—5, 2013
Montréal, Québec

Program Committee Chairs: François Furstenberg and Ollivier Hubert

OI 19th Annual Conference
June 13—15, 2013
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore

Program Committee Chair: Philip D. Morgan

Africans in the Americas: Making Lives in a New World, 1675—1825
March 14—16, 2013
University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados

Program Committee Chair: Laurent Dubois


OI 18th Annual Conference
June 14—17, 2012
Huntington Library, San Marino

Program Committee Chairs: Peter C. Mancall and Carole Shammas

The “Political Arithmetick” of Empires in the Early Modern Atlantic World, 1500—1807
March 16—18, 2012
University of Maryland, College Park

Program Committee Chairs: Holly Brewer and Peter Thompson


OI 17th Annual Conference
June 17—19, 2011
State University of New York, New Paltz

Program Committee Chairs: Christopher L. Brown and L.H. Roper

Warring for America, 1803—1818
March 31—April 1, 2011
Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

Program Committee Chairs: Fredrika J. Teute, Nicole Eustace, Rob Parkinson, and Carolyn Brown

Centering Families in Atlantic Worlds, 1500—1800
February 28—March 1, 2011
University of Texas at Austin

Program Committee Chairs: Julie Hardwick, Sarah Pearsall, and Karin Wulf


The Age of Sail, 1450—1850
October 7—10, 2010
University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Program Chair: Daniel Vickers

OI 16th Annual Conference
June 11—13, 2010
University of Mississippi, Oxford

Program Chair: Sheila Skemp


The Early Chesapeake: Reflections and Projections
November 19—21, 2009
Solomons St. Mary’s City, Maryland

Program Committee Chairs: John C. Coombs and Lorena Walsh

Contest for Continents: The Seven Years’ War in Global Perspective
October 22—25, 2009
Niagara University and Brock University, Buffalo

Program Committee Chairs: Thomas A. Chambers and David Schimmelpenninck van der Oye

Africa, Europe, and the Americas, 1500—1700: a Two-Week Workshop
July 12—26, 2009
Accra, Ghana

OI 15th Annual Conference
June 11—14, 2009
University of Utah, Salt Lake City

Program Committee Chairs: Dee Andrews, Eric Hinderaker, and Brett Rushforth

Permanence and the Built Environment of the Pacific Basin, 1700—1820
April 17—18, 2009
University of Southern California

Program Committee Chair: Carole Shammas


The Hemingses of Monticello: An American Family
October 15, 2008
DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum, Williamsburg

Program Committee Chair: Annette Gordon-Reed

Permanence and the Built Environment in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World
October 3—4, 2008
Huntington Library, San Marino, California

Program Committee Chair: Carole Shammas

Antipopery: The Transatlantic Experience, c. 1530—1850
September 18—20, 2008
McNeil Center for Early American Studies, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

OI 14th Annual Conference
June 6—8, 2008
Suffolk University, Boston

Program Committee Chairs: Robert J. Allison and Susan E. Klepp

Religion and Violence in Early America
April 10—13, 2008
Yale University, New Haven
Co-sponsored by Yale University and the OIEAHC