OI Coffeehouse

Call for “Tables”

November 18, 2020

After eight months of quarantine and social-distancing measures, we crave opportunities to socialize and work socially-proximate to our colleagues again and we bet you do too, Vast Early America.

While we cannot offer a vaccine or a return to previous working conditions, we can help the OI community come together in a series of virtual groups designed to help participants share the dedicated thinking-and-writing time so many of us miss.

Starting in February 2021 the OI Coffeehouse will host a series of “tables”— groups of approximately a dozen scholars organized around topics, themes, methods, or another idea —throughout winter and spring 2021.  We can imagine tables for digital work, for example, or an archival method, a particular language source base, or a chronological, geographical, or topical focus.  But it’s your table!

Each table will meet weekly for eight sessions of 90 minutes each. Tables will be open to advanced graduate students through senior scholars working in any professional historical capacity. Participants will be selected for tables based on their individual writing goals.

A chair at the table will cost each participant $35 for the full 8 weeks.  The fee is waived for table hosts. 

As coffeehouse manager, the OI will

  • Help solicit applications and form a table based on the host’s theme or topic.
  • Help organize a mutually convenient weekly meeting time for each table.
  • Create and host a Zoom room for each table.
  • Offer a series of short, recorded, presentations on topics such as the politics of citation, editorial practices, and proposal writing, that tables can view together as they wish.
  • Organize a 20-minute presentation by a scholar at one of the meetings of the table on a theme germane to the table topic.
  • Host an optional additional monthly social hour for all tables with breakout rooms organized around writing challenges.
  • Facilitate other presentations as requested.
  • Provide an OI Coffeehouse notebook to each participant.

Hours of Operation

Requests to host are due December 11, 2020.

Table themes will be announced December 21, 2020.

Requests for seats will be accepted through January 8, 2021.

Tables will be announced January 18, 2021.

The coffeehouse will open for business the week of February 8, 2021.