We believe that good historical scholarship is a vibrant, ever-growing body of knowledge that defies academic boundaries. Each year we create a wide variety of opportunities for people to interact with each other and discuss their work and interests in formal and informal ways.

Here in Williamsburg, we host a series of colloquia each academic year, three local lectures, including the Council Lecture, the WMQ Prize Lecture, and the Vast Early America lecture, as well as host the Early America Reading Series.

In California, at the USC-Huntington Early Modern Studies Institute, we co-sponsor a workshop at which mid-career academics work through arguments for their next book.

Since 1993, we have sponsored annual and topical conferences at a variety of locations around the world. Scholars at all levels of achievement attend these gatherings as do students and members of the public. We also support conferences of special interest to early Americanists.

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