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Thursday, June 13, 2019

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Registration opens at 1:00 in the Lower Lounge, William Pitt Union.


SESSION 1  (THis Camp)
Room 527, William Pitt Union  

“Digital Management for Historians: a system for keeping track of data, including syllabi, projects, and research”
Participants are urged to bring a laptop and a notebook to this session.

Chair: Sharon Leon (Michigan State University)

Jessica Parr (Simmons College)

Preview the “Digital Management for Historians” workshop here.

Room 538, William Pitt Union

“The View from the Round Tower: Looking for Vast Early America in the Georgian Papers”

Chair: Oliver Walton (Royal Collection Trust)
Angel-Luke O’Donnell (King’s College London)
Robert Paulett (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville)
Rachel Banke (University of Missouri)
Brooke Newman (Virginia Commonwealth University)
Peter Olsen-Harbich (William & Mary)

Room 837, William Pitt Union

Screening/Q&A, “Ghosts of Amistad: In the Footsteps of the Rebels” (56 minutes)

Marcus Rediker (University of Pittsburgh) and Tony Buba (Braddock Films)

Room 539, William Pitt Union

“Creating and Preserving Intellectual Community: Reflections on the 2018 Scholars’ Workshop”

Moderator: Joshua Piker (Omohundro Institute)
Sara Damiano (Texas State University)
Steffi Dippold (Kansas State University)
Julie Fisher (American Philosophical Society)
Allison Madar (University of Oregon)
Julia Mansfield (Yale University)


Themed meet-ups at area bars (sponsored by the OI) — locations TBA

  • Laurel Daen (Omohundro Institute) — Disability Studies—NEW VENUE!—at the bar at the Oaklander Hotel, 5130 Bigelow Boulevard
  • Members of the Georgian Papers Programme roundtable — Research in the Round Tower—at Union Grill, 413 S. Craig Street
  • Jack Bouchard and Amanda Herbert (Folger Institute) — Material Culture—at Legume Bistro, 214 N. Craig Street
  • Susan Sleeper-Smith (Newberry Library) — Native American Studies—at The Porch at Schenley Plaza, 221 N. Schenley Drive