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June 17th


SUNDAY, JUNE 17, 2018

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All conference sessions, unless otherwise noted, take place in the Sadler Center, 200 Stadium Drive, on the campus of William & Mary. Parking is available.

9:00 a.m.
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Chesapeake A
9:00–10:30 a.m.

 Session 40 • Workshop — “Time’s Arrow: Age as a Category of Analysis in Early America”
Chesapeake B

Moderator: Ann Little, Colorado State University

Rebecca Brannon, James Madison University, “Did the Founding Fathers Live Too Long? Old White Men and the American Revolution”

Jason Eden, St. Cloud State University, “Autonomous Children and Active Elders: Native American Approaches to the Human Life Course in Early North America”

Frederick Knight, Morehouse College, “The Third Moment of the Sun: Age and Generation in Early Black America”

Gloria Whiting, University of Wisconsin-Madison, “Growing Up Enslaved in Early New England”

 Session 41 • “Native Places and Identities”
Chesapeake C

Chair: Jennifer Spear, Simon Fraser University

Ruth Herndon, Bowling Green State University, “Children of the Praying Towns“

Joanne Jahnke Wegner, University of Minnesota, “Captivity, Gender, and the Politics of Reproduction in the Northeastern Borderlands, 1637–1763”

A.B. Wilkinson, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, “‘Mustees’ in the Colonial Southeast: African and Native American Mixed Identity”

Comment: Fay Yarbrough, Rice University

 Session 42 • “Presentations of Gender”
Tidewater A

Chair: Alexandra Finley, Mississippi State University

Kent Peacock, Florida State University, “Manhood, Words of Sodomy, and Government Authority West of the Appalachians”

Margaret Strolle, Villanova University, “Diamonds and Pearls, Virtuous Women and Viragos, and Tender and all Too Visible Breasts: The Politics of Female Dress in Washington D.C., 1800–1820″

Sarah Thomas, William & Mary, “Recognizing Community through Price List Resolutions”

Comment: The Audience

 Session 43 • Roundtable — “Hemispheric Anti-Biographies”
Tidewater B

Moderator/Participant: Anna Brickhouse, University of Virginia, “Don Luis de Velasco”

Marlene Daut, University of Virginia, “Baron de Vastey”

Sara E. Johnson, University of California, San Diego, “Moreau de St. Méry”

Kirsten Silva Gruesz, University of California, Santa Cruz, “Cotton Mather”

 Session 44 • “Violence in Early America”
James Room

Chair/Comment: Samuel Fisher, Catholic University of America

Andrew Wehrman, Central Michigan University,“‘A Plan So Diabolical’: Public Health Riots in Norfolk, Virginia, 1768–1769”

Nathan Braccio, University of Connecticut, “Pitchforks and Perambulation: Borders, Violence and Mapping in 17th-Century New England”

Kelly Morgan, Drew University, “Colonists as Colonizers: Imperial Constructs and Postcolonial Identity in Benjamin West’s Death of General Wolfe and Battle of the Boyne”

 Session 45 • Roundtable — “The Many Legalities of the Early Chesapeake”
York Room

Moderator: Kathleen Brown, University of Pennsylvania

Allison Madar, California State University, Chico

Warren Billings, University of New Orleans

Kristalyn Shefveland, University of Southern Indiana

10:30–11:00 a.m.
11:00–1:00 p.m.

 Plenary • “Critical Archival Turns in Vast Early America”
Commonwealth Auditorium

Moderator: Karin Wulf, Omohundro Institute

Sharon Block, University of California Irvine

Ryan Kashanipour, Northern Arizona University

Elizabeth Losh, William & Mary

Jennifer Morgan, New York University

 Closing • Welcoming ASWAD to Williamsburg in 2019

Remarks from the program committee of the Association for the Study of the Worldwide African Diaspora