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OI 1st Annual Conference

JUNE 2–4, 1995

3rd Annual ConferenceInstitute of Early American
History and Culture

Horace H. Rackham
School of Graduate Studies
915 East Washington Street
The University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan


The Institute of Early American History and Culture was established by The College of William and Mary and The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation in 1943 to support “study, research, and publications bearing on American History, approximately to the year 1815.” The Institute publishes the William and Mary Quarterly, books in its field of interest, and a e-newsletter, organizes and supports a variety of conferences, seminars, and colloquia, and annually offers a two-year postdoctoral fellowship. A series of annual conferences, organized exclusively by calls for papers and proposals and circulating among different regions of the country each year, represents the most recent effort to achieve the Institute’s goals. We anticipate that this ongoing series of meetings, which may vary in structure from year to year, will bring together junior and senior scholars from several disciplines who share a common interest in early American history and culture.

The program committee for the 1995 conference includes Carol Karlsen (University of Michigan), chair; Antonia Casteñada (University of Texas, Austin), Christine Daniels (Michigan State University), Richard Dunn (University of Pennsylvania), Stephen Hum (University of Michigan), Susan Juster (University of Michigan), Gloria Main (University of Colorado), Phillip Richards (University of North Carolina),John Shy (University of Michigan), David Waldstreicher (Bennington College), and Peter Wood (Duke University).