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10th Rio de la Plata Workshop

Campus of William & Mary  •  March 1–2, 2019

Sponsored by the Omohundro Institute, the Tyler Department of History, Latin American Studies, and the Reves Center at William & Mary

Please register for the workshop via this link. For further information and pre-circulated papers contact

Schedule of Events

Friday, March 1, 2019

10:00 a.m. •  Opening Lecture
Blow Hall, room 201

“Mapping Success at Critical Times: Regional Credit Networks in the Early Nineteenth Century Rio de la Plata”
Viviana L. Grieco, University of Missouri at Kansas City

All workshop sessions will take place in the History Library, Blair Hall, room 206.

12:30 p.m.  •  Workshop Session 1

“The World the Mule Made: Mules, Mule Trade and Muleteers in Colonial Rio de la Plata”
Gustavo L. Paz, Universidad Tres de Frebrero

“‘A Ship Richly Laden’: Isaac de Brac, Dutch Merchant in the Rio de la Plata, 1655-1665”
David Freeman, University of Missouri at Kansas City

“Anglo-Portuguese Cooperation in the Rio de la Plata in the Eighteenth Century: Early Modern Roots of ‘Imperialism of Free Trade’”
Fabrício Prado, William & Mary

2:30 p.m.  •  Workshop Session 2

“When Ethnonyms Were Toponyms: Cartography and Native Pasts in the Banda Oriental”
Jeffrey Erbig, University of California, Santa Cruz

“African Experiences in the Rio de la Plata Slave Trade during the Viceregal Era”
Alex Borucki, University of California, Irvine

“The Origins of Black Invisibility in Argentina”
Erika Edwards, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

4:30 p.m.  •  Workshop Session 3

“From Imperial Agents to Revolutionary Intelligentsia? Catholic Orders and Argentine Independence”
Jorge Troisi Melean, Universidad Nacional de La Plata

“‘Long live the low people’: Popular politics in the city of Buenos Aires in the first half of the 19th century”
Gabriel Di Meglio, Universidad de Buenos Aires

“In the Salon of Mariquita Sánchez: Culture and Politics in Early National Buenos Aires”
Jeffrey M. Shumway, Brigham Young University

Saturday, March 2, 2019

9:00 a.m.  •  Workshop Session 4

“Caciques, Hereditary Succession, and New Leadership Roles in the Guaraní Missions”
Julia Sarreal, Arizona State University

“What Every Student Should Know about Facundo: Or Civilization and Barbarism by Domingo F. Sarmiento and Mary Peabody Mann”
Carolina Zumaglini, Florida International University

“Instability Within: A Microscopic and Often Comical View of ‘Oligarchic’ Politics in Buenos Aires, 1883”
Brian Bockelman, Ripon College

11:00 a.m.  •  Workshop Session 5

“From Bandits to Patriots: Military Conscription, Class and Ethnicity in Buenos Aires at the turn of the Twentieth Century”
Nicolas Sillitti, Indiana University

“Freeing Slaves to Fight Against Paraguay: Brazilian Freedmen in the War of the Triple Alliance (1864-1870)”
Vitor Izecksohn, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro