#VastEarlyAmerica Resources

The Omohundro Institute is more than a small staff of dedicated editors, academics and staff members; it is a broad community of scholars and students of #VastEarlyAmerica.

We have created the following resources to help support and grow that community. We hope that you use them regularly and contact us (oieahc@wm.edu) often with updates and suggestions.

  • The Octo aggregates eight of the best early Americanist blogs available in one spot for quick reading every day.
  • The Map lists conferences, seminars, workshops and events of interest to early Americanists around the world.
  • The List organizes fellowships, grants and other opportunities available to scholars of early America either by due date or name.
  • Our newest addition, Works in Progress, based on one of our oldest and most beloved features in the print edition of Uncommon Sense, gathers the recipient names and winning project titles of recently awarded early American-related fellowships so that you can see who is working on what and where.