A Cuban Angle on the Revolution

By Alex Borucki (University of California, Irvine) and José Luis Belmonte Postigo (Universidad de Sevilla) The authors’ article, “The Impact of the American Revolutionary War on the Slave Trade to Cuba” was published in the July 2023 William and Mary Quarterly. You can read the abstract here. How does the essay relate to your larger project and/or more… Read More

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PG_A Cuban Angle on the Revolution

A Record of Colonialism's Paradoxes

by Erin Kramer (Trinity University) Erin Kramer is the author of “Coraler’s House: Diplomatic Spaces, Lineages, and Memory in the New York Borderlands” (William and Mary Quarterly, October 2022) In the acknowledgements to my recent WMQ article, I thanked a long list of scholars who were kind enough to read drafts of my essay as I struggled through it… Read More

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Racialization and Dispossession in the Memory of the American Revolution

by Blake Grindon (Princeton University) Blake Grindon is the author of “Hilliard d’Auberteuil’s Mis Mac Rea: A Story of the American Revolution in the French Atlantic” (William and Mary Quarterly, October 2022). Many years ago, when I first became intrigued by Jane McCrea—the subject of my dissertation and of my recent WMQ article—I searched her name in the catalogue… Read More

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Change and Continuity

by Catherine E. Kelly Historians are notorious for sussing out the relationship between change and continuity, trying to gauge which is predominant at any given moment. In fact, both are typically in play. Certainly, that’s the case with new transitions for the OI’s staff.  From one perspective, we have change, and an awful lot of it: my move into… Read More

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