Lapidus Initiative

Excellence, Innovation, Scholarship.

The Lapidus Initiative for Excellence and Innovation in Early American Scholarship, generously funded with a major gift from Sid and Ruth Lapidus, will incorporate innovative programming and outreach. The Lapidus Initiative will build on the Omohundro Institute’s tradition of excellence in scholarly programming and publishing and on our newly launched digital and social media platforms to engage scholarly and other audiences.Ultimately, the Lapidus Initiative will expand the OIEAHC’s innovative capacity:

  • by increasing the number of scholarly projects we can serve through our intensive editorial process;
  • by making this process accessible and transparent through social media;
  • by creatively employing both existing and developing technology in support of excellence in early American scholarship.

We are excited to continue to explore additional opportunities with the help of the following individuals.

  • Nicole Aljoe, Northeastern University and OI Council
  • Erica Cavanaugh, Center for Digital Editing, University of Virginia
  • Matthew Cohen, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Sharon M. Leon, Michigan State University
  • Molly O’Hagan Hardy
  • John Sherer, University of North Carolina Press and OI Council