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WMQ & EMSI Workshops

The WMQ-EMSI Workshop Series is designed to identify and encourage new trends in our understanding of the history and culture of early North America. It fosters intellectual exchange among scholars working on thematically related topics that may be chronologically, geographically, or methodologically diverse. The participants are primarily mature scholars working on second or subsequent book projects; they share their works in progress with the aim of deepening and enriching their perspectives, their approaches, and ultimately the final products of their research.

Past Topics

2016: Religions in the Early Americas (May 12–14, 2016) Program

2015: Early American Legal Histories (May 29–30, 2015) Program

2014: The Age of Revolutions (May 30–31, 2014) Program

Sarah Knott, “Narrating the Age of Revolution,” 3d ser., 73, no. 1 (January 2016): 3–36.

2013: Before 1607 (May 24–25, 2013) Program

Karen Ordahl Kupperman, “Before 1607,” 3d ser., 72, no. 1 (January 2015): 3–24.

2012: Early American Biography (May 25–26, 2012) Program

Annette Gordon-Reed, “Writing Early American Lives as Biography,” 3d ser., 71, no. 4 (October 2014): 491–516.

2011: Women in Early America (May 27–28, 2011) Program

Terri L. Snyder, “Refiguring Women in Early American History,” 3d ser., 69, no. 3 (July 2012): 421–50.

2010: Grounded Histories: Land, Landscape, and Environment in Early North America (May 28–29, 2010) Program

Karen Halttunen, “Grounded Histories: Land and Landscape in Early America,” 3d ser., 68, no. 4 (October 2011): 513–32.

2009: Territorial Crossings: Histories and Historiographies of the Early Americas (May 21–22, 2009) Program

Eric Hinderaker and Rebecca Horn, “Territorial Crossings: Histories and Historiographies of the Early Americas,” 3d ser., 67, no. 3 (July 2010): 395–432.

2008: Writing Early American History (May 21–22, 2008) Program

Fred Anderson and Andrew Cayton, “The Problem of Authority in the Writing of Early American History,” 3d ser., 66, no. 3 (July 2009): 467–94.

2007: The Cultural History of Eighteenth-Century America (May 17–18, 2007) Program

Michael Meranze, “Culture and Governance: Reflections on the Cultural History of Eighteenth-Century British America," 3d ser., 65, no. 4 (October 2008): 713–44.

2006: The Seventeenth Century (May 19–20, 2006) Program

Peter Thompson, “Inventive Localism in the Seventeenth Century,” 3rd ser., 64, no. 3 (July 2007) 523–48.