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William and Mary Quarterly

3d ser., 71, no. 3 July 2014

Early English Jamaica without Pirates
Carla Gardina Pestana

Annapolis Aflame:
Richard Clarke’s Conspiracy and the
Imperial Urban Vision in Maryland, 1704–8

Abstract  | Web Supplement
Paul Musselwhite

Slave Revolts, Royal Justice, and a
Ubiquitous Rumor in the Age of Revolutions

Wim Klooster

Female Liberty?
Sentimental Gallantry, Republican Womanhood,
and Rights Feminism in the Age of Revolutions

Sarah Knott

Reviews of Books

Fogleman, Two Troubled Souls: An Eighteenth-Century Couple’s Spiritual Journey in the Atlantic World.
By Rosalind J. Beiler457

Witgen, An Infinity of Nations: How the Native New World Shaped Early North America. By Heidi Bohaker461

Duffy and Metcalf, The Return of Hans Staden: A Go-between in the Atlantic World. By Surekha Davies467

David, Dunmore’s New World: The Extraordinary Life of a Royal Governor in Revolutionary America—with Jacobites, Counterfeiters, Land Schemes, Shipwrecks, Scalping, Indian Politics, Runaway Slaves, and Two Illegal Royal Weddings. By Kathleen DuVal471

Benton and Ross, eds., Legal Pluralism and Empires, 1500–1850. By Sally E. Hadden475

Sparks, Where the Negroes Are Masters: An African Port in the Era of the Slave Trade. By Rebecca Shumway479

Webb, Marlborough’s America. By Owen Stanwood484