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William and Mary Quarterly

3d ser., 69, no. 1 January 2012

Forum: Rethinking Mercantilism

Steve Pincus, Rethinking Mercantilism: Political Economy, the British Empire, and the Atlantic World in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries3   |  Abstract

Cathy Matson, Imperial Political Economy: An Ideological Debate and Shifting

Christian J. Koot, Balancing Center and Periphery41

Susan D. Amussen, Political Economy and Imperial Practice47

Trevor Burnard, Making a Whig Empire Work: Transatlantic Politics and the Imperial Economy in Britain and British America51

Margaret Ellen Newell, Putting the “Political” Back in Political Economy (This Is Not
Your Parents’ Mercantilism)

Steve Pincus, Reconfiguring the British Empire63

The Plantation Hoe:
The Rise and Fall of an Atlantic Commodity, 1650–1850

Abstract  | Web Supplement
Chris Evans

Geopolitics and Intrigue:
James Wilkinson, the Spanish Borderlands,
and Mexican Independence

Abstract  | Web Supplement
David E. Narrett

Research Note

State Redemption of the Continental Dollar, 1779–90
Farley Grubb

Richter, Before the Revolution: America’s Ancient Pasts. By Kathleen DuVal181

Greene and Morgan, eds., Atlantic History: A Critical Appraisal. By Paul Mapp186

Frank, Constituent Moments: Enacting the People in Postrevolutionary America. By Sophia Rosenfeld192