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William and Mary Quarterly

3d ser., 65, no. 1 January 2008

“A Meanes To Knitt Them Togeather”:
The Exchange of Body Parts in the Pequot War

Andrew Lipman

The Sentimental Paradox:
Humanity and Violence on the Pennsylvania Frontier

Nicole Eustace

Martial Art: Benjamin West’s The Death of Socrates,
Colonial Politics, and the Puzzles of Patronage

Scott Gordon

Sources and Interpretations

John Eliot’s “A breif History of the Mashepog Indians,” 1666
J . Patrick Cesarini

Review of Books
The “Trade Gap” in Atlantic Studies: A Forum on Literary and Historical Scholarship.

Eric Slauter, History, Literature, and the Atlantic World.135  | Web Supplement

Alison Games, Atlantic History and Interdisciplinary Approaches.167  | Web Supplement

Bryan Waterman, From Text/Context to “Situatedness” in Atlantic History and Literature.171  | Web Supplement

Eliga H. Gould, Atlantic History and the Literary Turn.175  | Web Supplement

Elizabeth Maddock Dillon, Atlantic Practices: Minding the Gap between Literature and History.181  | Web Supplement

A New World: England’s First View of America exhibition; and Sloan, A New World: England’s First View of America. By Simon Newman187

Brown, Moral Capital: Foundations of British Abolitionism; and Coleman, Romantic Colonization and British Anti-Slavery. By Thomas Holt191

Blackhawk, Violence Over the Land: Indians and Empires in the Early American West. By Claudio Saunt197

Foster, Sex and the Eighteenth Century Man: Massachusetts and the History of Sexuality in America. By John McCurdy200