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William and Mary Quarterly

3d ser., 63, no. 1 January 2006

Forum: The Middle Ground Revisited

Susan Sleeper-Smith, Introduction3

Richard White, Creative Misunderstandings and New Understandings.9

Philip J. Deloria, What Is the Middle Ground, Anyway?15

Heidi Bohaker, Nindoodemag: The Significance of Algonquian Kinship Networks in the Eastern Great Lakes Region, 1600–1701.23

Brett Rushforth, Slavery, the Fox Wars, and the Limits of Alliance.53

Catherine Desbarats, Following The Middle Ground.81

Notes and Documents

From Indian Killer to Worthy Citizen: The
Revolutionary Transformation of Michael Cresap

Robert G. Parkinson

Eboe, Country, Nation, and Gustavus Vassa’s
Interesting Narrative

Alexander X. Byrd

The Healing of Mercy Wheeler: Illness and Miracles
among Early American Evangelicals

Thomas S. Kidd

Reviews of Books

Ferguson, Reading the Early Republic. By Eric Slauter171

“The Making of John James Audubon,” a revew essay of Rhodes, John James Audubon: The Making of an American; Souder, Under a Wild Sky: John James Audubon and the Making of The Birds of America; and Hart-Davis, Audubon’s Elephant: America’s Greatest Naturalist and the Making of the Birds of America. By Jennifer J. Baker176

Vickers, A Companion to Colonial America. By Steve Sarson183

Van Ruymbeke and Sparks, eds., Memory and Identity: The Huguenots in France and the Atlantic Diaspora. By Christopher Hodson188

Krugler, English and Catholic: The Lords Baltimore in the Seventeenth Century. By Owen Stanwood192

Pulsipher, Subjects unto the Same King: Indians, English, and the Contest for Authority in Colonial New England. By Jon Parmenter195

Dubois, Avengers of the New World: The Story of the Haitian Revolution; and Dubois, A Colony of Citizens: Revolution & Slave Emancipation in the French Carribbean, 1787–1804. By Douglas R. Egerton197

Cox, A Proper Sense of Honor: Service and Sacrifice in George Washington’s Army. By Guy Chet203

Rothman, Slave Country: American Expansion and the Origins of the Deep South. By T. Stephen Whitman206