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William and Mary Quarterly

3d ser., 60, no. 2 April 2003

Cannibals, Witches, and Slave Traders in the Atlantic World
John Thornton

“Jesus is Female”: The Moravian Challenge in the German
Communities of British North America

Aaron Spencer Fogleman

Notes and Documents

“Ye Sons of Harmony”: Politics, Masculinity, and the Music of
William Billings in Revolutionary Boston
 | Web Supplement
Elizabeth B. Crist

Women and Property across Colonial America:
A Comparison of Legal Systems in New Mexico and New York

Deborah A. Rosen

A West Indian Colonial Governor’s Advice:
Henry Ashton’s 1646 Letter to the Earl of Carlisle

Carla Gardina Pestana

Reviews of Books

Colley, Captives. By Alison Games422

Norton, In the Devil’s Snare: The Salem Witchcraft Crisis of 1692. By Joyce E. Chaplin427

Tannenbaum, The Healer’s Calling: Women and Medicine in Early New England. By Susan E. Klepp431

Archer, Fissures in the Rock: New England in the Seventeenth-Century. By Erik R. Seeman434

Brooks, Captives and Cousins: Slavery, Kinship, and Community in the Southwest Borderlands. By Claudio Saunt436

Cecelski, The Waterman’s Song: Slavery and Freedom in Maritime North Carolina. By Daniel Vickers439

Headrick When Information Came of Age: Technologies of Knowledge in the Age of Reason and Revolution, 1700–1850. By Richard R. John442

Hoermann, Cadwallader Colden: A Figure of the American Enlightenment. By Wayne Bodle446

Nelson, A Blessed Company: Parishes, Parsons, and Parishioners in Anglican Virginia, 1690–1776. By Patricia U. Bonomi449

Van Buskirk, Generous Enemies: Patriots and Loyalists in Revolutionary New York. By Robert E. Cray, Jr.453

Brumwell, Redcoats: The British Solider and War in the Americas, 1755–1763. By Peter J. Way456

Pencak, Dennis, and Newman, eds., Riot and Revelry in Early America. By Albrecht Koschnik459

Nolt, Foreigners in Their Own Land: Pennsylvania Germans in the Early American Republic. By Beverly Smaby462

Kaplan, Alexander Hamilton: Ambivalent Anglophile. By James E. Lewis, Jr.465