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William and Mary Quarterly

3d ser., 59, no. 4 October 2002

Benjamin West’s Professional Endgame and the Historical
Conundrum of William Williams

Susan Rather

Forum: The Madisonian Moment

Jack N. Rakove, James Madison in Intellectual Context865

Mark G. Spencer, Hume and Madison on Faction869

Samuel Fleischacker, Adam Smith’s Reception among the American Founders, 1776–1790897

Colleen A Sheehan, Madison and the French Enlightenment: The Authority of Public Opinion925

Perfect Tide, Ideal Moon: An Unappreciated Aspect of Wolfe’s
Generalship at Quebec, 1759

Donald W. Olson, William D. Liddle, Russell L. Doescher, Leah M. Behrends, Tammy D. Silakowski, and Fran├žois-Jacques Saucier

Notes and Documents
Reviews of Books

“The Postcolonial Origins of Modernity,” review of Canizares-Esguerra, How to Write the History of the New World: Histories, Epistemologies, and Identities in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World. By Ralph Bauer975

“Conquering Bodies,” review of Chaplin, Subject Matter: Technology, the Body, and Science on the Anglo-American Frontier, 1500–1676. By Peter Mancall981

“ A Seventeenth-Century Murder Mystery,” a review of Kawashima, gniting King Philip’s War: The John Sassamon Murder Trial. By Philip Ranlet986

“Domestic Loyalties,” a review of Navas, Murdered by His Wife: A History with Documentation of the Joshua Spooner Murder and Execution of His Wife, Bathsheba, Who was Hanged in Worcester, Massachusetts, 2 July 1778. By Daniel A. Cohen989

“A Copybook Romance,” a review of MacMullen, Sarah’s Choice, 1828–1832. By Karen Lystra996

“ Not Your Grandmother’s Genealogy” review of Simons and Benes, eds., The Art of Family: Genealogical Artifacts in New England. and Judd, The Hatch and Brood of Time: Five Phelps Families in the Atlantic World, 1720–1880. By Karin Wulf1000

“Ethnicity without Identity,” review of Green, The People with No Name: Ireland’s Ulster Scots, America’s Scots Irish, and the Creation of a British Atlantic World, 1689–1764. By H. Tyler Blethen1003

“Loyal to the End,” review of Shestone, So Obstinately Loyal: James Moody, 1744–1809. By Brendan McConville1006

“New Light in the Garden of Good and Evil,” review of Cashin, Beloved Bethesda: A History of George Whitefield’s Home for Boys, 1740�. By Sharon Breslaw Sundue1008

“An Uprising of Faith,” review of Kars, Breaking Loose Together: The Regulator Rebellion in Pre-Revolutionary North Carolina. By Alan D. Watson1011

“Piety and Politics in the New Republic,” review of Hutson, Religion and the Founding of the American Republic and Hutson, ed., Religion and the New Republic: Faith in the Founding of America. By Dee E. Andrews1014

“America’s Original Sin,” review of Wells, The Devil and Doctor Dwight: Satire and Theology in the Early American Republic. By Larry Kutchen1019

“Errand into the Republic,” review of Sassi, A Republic of Righteousness: The Public Christianity of the Post-Revolutionary New England Clergy. By David W. Kling1022

“Founding Partners,” review of Leibiger, Founding Friendship: George Washington, James Madison, and the Creation of the American Republic. By Jewel L. Spangler1025

“Creating Congress,” review-essay of Inventing Congress: Origins and Establishment of the First Federal Congress, ed. Bowling and Kennon; Neither Separate nor Equal: Congress in the 1790s, ed. Bowling and Kennon; and The House and Senate in the 1790s: Petitioning, Lobbying, and Institutional Development, ed Bowling and Kennon. By Jack N. Rakove1028

“Passing the Federalist Torch,” review of Foletta, Coming to Terms with Democracy: Federalist Intellectuals and the Shaping of an American Culture. By Harlow W. Sheidley1034

“Back to the Future,” review of Schloesser, The Fair Sex: White Women and Racial Patriarchy in the Early American Republic. By Bruce Burgett1037

“The Changing Face of Antislavery,” review-essay of Newman, The Transformation of American Abolitionism: Fighting Slavery in the Early Republic, and Richards, The Slave Power: The Free North and Southern Domination, 1780–1860. By David N. Gellman1040