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William and Mary Quarterly

3d ser., 56, no. 4 October 1999

A Tale of Two Ironworks: Slavery, Free Labor, Work, and
Resistance in the Early Republic

John Bezis-Selfa

Plotting William Byrd
Douglas Anderson

Deficient Husbands: Manhood, Sexual Incapacity, and
Male Marital Sexuality in Seventeenth-Century New England

Thomas A. Foster

Notes and Documents

Political Dialogue and the Spring of Abigail’s Discontent
Elaine Forman Crane


James H. Hutson, Thomas Jefferson’s Letter To The Danbury Baptists: A Controversy Rejoined.775

Robert M. O'Neil, The “Wall of Separation” and Thomas Jefferson’s Views on Religious Liberty.791

Thomas E. Buckley, S.J., Reflections on a Wall795

Edwin S. Gaustad, Thomas Jefferson, Danbury Baptists, and “Eternal Hostility”.801

Daniel L. Dreisbach, Thomas Jefferson and the Danbury Baptists Revisited.805

Isaac Kramnick and R. Laurence Moore, The Baptists, the Bureau, and the Case of the Missing Lines.817

James H. Hutson, Responds.823

Reviews of Books

Berlin, Many Thousands Gone: The First Two Centuries of Slavery in North America. By Richard S. Dunn825

Galvin, Patterns of Pillage: A Geography of Caribbean-Based Piracy in Spanish America, 1536–1718. By Kris Lane828

Allen, The Invention of the White Race. Volume One: Racial Oppression and Social Control. Volume Two: The Origin of Racial Oppression in Anglo- America. By Alden T. Vaughan830

Egnal, New World Economies: The Growth of the Thirteen Colonies and Early Canada. By Carole Shammas833

St. George, Conversing by Signs: Poetics of Implication in Colonial New England Culture. By Richard Lyman Bushman835

Newell, From Dependency to Independence: Economic Revolution in Colonial New England. By Bruce C. Daniels837

Reis, Damned Women: Sinners and Witches in Puritan New England. By Michele D. Ryan840

Becoming Americans: Our Struggle to Be Both Free and Equal, ed. Carson. By Barbara Clark Smith842

Kolp, Gentlemen and Freeholders: Electoral Politics in Colonial Virginia. By Emory G. Evans848

Rozbicki, The Complete Colonial Gentleman: Cultural Legitimacy in Plantation America. By Stephanie Grauman Wolf850

Imbarrato, Declarations of Independency in Eighteenth-Century American Autobiography. By Daniel B. Shea852

Sarudy, Gardens and Gardening in the Chesapeake, 1700–1805. By Michal J. Rozbicki854

Sex and Sexuality in Early America, ed. Smith. By Sharon Block856

Gwyn, Excessive Expectations: Maritime Commerce and the Economic Development of Nova Scotia, 1740–1870. By Rosemary E. Ommer858

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