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William and Mary Quarterly

3d ser., 53, no. 2 April 1996

From Creole to African: Atlantic Creoles and the
Origins of African-American Society in
Mainland North America

Ira Berlin

Dueling as Politics:
Reinterpreting the Burr-Hamilton Duel

Joanne B. Freeman

The Orphan Chamber of New Amsterdam
Adriana van Zwieten

Forum: Rethinking the American Revolution

Edward Countryman, Indians, the Colonial Order, and the Social Significance of the American Revolution342

Philip J. Deloria, Revolution, Region, and Culture in Multicultural History363

Sylvia R. Frey, Rethinking the American Revolution367

Michael Zuckerman, Through a Glass Darkly: Countryman’s Radical American

Edward Countryman Responds379

Reviews of Books

Vickers, Farmers and Fishermen: Two Centuries of Work in Essex County, Massachusetts,
By Winifred B. Rothenberg387

Steele, Warpaths: Invasions of North America. By Richard R. Johnson389

American Beginnings, ed. Baker, Churchill, Dabate, Jones, Konrad, and Prins.
By Kirkpatrick Sale391

Martin, Parables of Possibility: The American Need for Beginnings. By Bruce Greenfield393

Bushnell, Situado and Sabana: Spain’s Support System for the Presidio and Mission Provinces
of Florida.
By Paul E. Hoffman395

Wood, Women’s Work, Men’s Work: The Informal Slave Economies of Lowcountry Georgia.
By Joyce E. Chaplin397

Lewis, Artisans in the North Carolina Backcountry. By Christine Daniels399

Loyalists and Community in North America, ed. Calhoon, Barnes, and Rawlyk.
By Wallace Brown401

Huyler, Locke in America: The Moral Philosophy of the Founding Era. By Ronald Hamowy403

Duncan, The Anti-Federalists and Early American Political Thought. By Robert W. Hoffert405

More Letters from the American Farmer: An Edition of the Essays in English Left Unpublished
by Crèvecoeur,
ed. Moore. By Gordon Sayre407

Newman, Gehennical Fire: The Lives of George Starkey, an American Alchemist in the Scientific
By Roy Porter409

Casto, The Supreme Court in the Early Republic: The Chief Justiceships of John Jay and Oliver Ellsworth. By Stephen B. Presser411

Cohen and Brownell, The Architectural Drawings of Benjamin Henry Latrobe, Parts 1 and 2.
By Richard Guy Wilson413

Russell, John Quincy Adams and the Public Virtues of Diplomacy. By Bradford Perkins417

Allison, The Crescent Obscured: The United States and the Muslim World, 1776–1815. By Doron Ben-Atar419

Jacobs, On Turner’s Trail: 100 Years of Writing Western History. By Ronald H. Carpenter421

Rereading Frederick Jackson Turner: “The Significance of the Frontier in American History”
and Other Essays,
with Faragher. By Ronald H. Carpenter421

Hall, V. L. Parrington: Through the Avenue of Art. By John L. Thomas423