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William and Mary Quarterly

3d ser., 48, no. 3 July 1991

Behind the Public Presentations: Research and
Scholarship at Living History Museums of
Early America

John D. Krugler

Doing Business in the Backcountry:
Retail Trade in Colonial Rowan County,
North Carolina

Daniel B. Thorp

“Twenty Thousand Muskets!!!”: Ira Allen and the
Olive Branch Affair, 1796–1800

J. Kevin Graffagnino

Notes and Documents

Thomas Shepard’s Record of Relations of
Religious Experience, 1648–1649

Mary Rhinelander McCarl

Reviews of Books

The Papers of George Washington. Colonial Series. Vol. 3: April–November 1756. Vol. 4: November 1756–October 1757. Vol. 5: October 1757–September 1758, ed. Abbot et al. Vol. 6: September 1758–December 1760, ed. Abbot et al. Vol. 7: January 1761–June 1767, ed. Abbot and Twohig. Revolutionary War Series. Vol. I: June–September 1775. Vol. 2: September–December 1775. Vol. 3: January–March 1776, ed. Chase. Presidential Series. Vol. I: September 1788–March 1789. Vol. 2: April-June 1789. Vol. 3: June–September 1789, ed. Twohig. By David L. Coon469

The Law in America, 1607–1861, ed. Pencak and Holt. By Bradley Chapin473

Merwick, Possessing Albany, 1630–1710: The Dutch and English Experience. By Robert
C. Ritchie475

Quitt, Virginia House of Burgesses, 1660–1706: The Social, Educational, and Economic Bases
of Political Power
. By Douglas Deal477

Morgan, The Hegemony of the Law: Richmond County, Virginia, 1692–1776. By Robert A.

Frost, A Perfect Freedom: Religious Liberty in Pennsylvania. By Thomas E. Buckley, S. J.481

Klepp, Philadelphia in Transition: A Demographic History of the City and Its Occupational
Groups, 1720–1830
. By Robert V. Wells483

Burkhart, The Good Fight: Medicine in Colonial Pennsylvania. By Richard L. Blanco485

Steele, Betrayals: Fort William Henry and the “Massacre.” By Richard Aquila488

Freiberg, Prelude to Purgatory: Thomas Hutchinson in Provincial Massachusetts Politics, 1760–
. By Ronald P. Dufour490

Allen, Western Rivermen, 1763–1861: Ohio and Mississippi Boatmen and the Myth of the
Alligator Horse
. By Andrew Cayton492

McWilliams, The American Epic: Transforming a Genre, 1770–1860. By Nancy G. Isenberg494

Dworetz, The Unvarnished Doctrine: Locke, Liberalism, and the American Revolution. By
Paul K. Conkin496

Mintz, The Generals of Saratoga: John Burgoyne & Horatio Gates. By Don R. Gerlach499

Schlenther, Charles Thomson: A Patriot’s Pursuit. By Douglas M. Arnold501

Smith, Franklin and Bache: Envisioning the Enlightened Republic. By Laura Rigal503

Books Received