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William and Mary Quarterly

3d ser., 47, no. 3 July 1990

The Village Enlightenment in New England,

David Jaffee

The Revolutionary Transformation of American
Freemasonry, 1752–1792

Steven C. Bullock

“The Great Mischief Complain’d of”:
Reflections on the Misconduct of
British Soldiers in the Revolutionary War

Stephen Conway

Notes and Documents

“A Factious Spirit”:
Constitutional Theory and Political Practice
in Connecticut, c. 1740

Bruce P. Stark

Van der Donck’s Description of the Indians:
Additions and Corrections

Ada van Gastel

Alexander Hamilton, “the Celebrated Mr. Neckar,”
and Public Credit

Donald F. Swanson and Andrew P. Trout

Reviews of Books

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Noll, Princeton and the Republic, 1768–1822: The Search for a Christian Enlightenment in
the Era of Samuel Stanhope Smith
. By David W. Robson442

Truxes, Irish–American Trade, 1660–1783. By T. M. Devine444

Breen, Imagining the Past: East Hampton Histories. By Daniel Vickers446

Calhoon et al., The Loyalist Perception and Other Essays. By William Pencak448

Thistlethwaite, Dorset Pilgrims: The Story of Westcountry Pilgrims Who Went to New
England in the 17th Century
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Ward, Major General Adam Stephen and the Cause of American Liberty. By Jeffrey J. Crow451

Cashin, The King’s Ranger: Thomas Brown and the American Revolution on the Southern
. By George R. Lamplugh453

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