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William and Mary Quarterly

3d ser., 47, no. 2 April 1990

The Making of Timothy Dwight:
A Connecticut Morality Tale

Peter Kafer

The Feathered Scribe:
The Discourses of
American Ornithology before 1800

Kevin R. McNamara

Ownership and Obligation:
Inheritance and Patriarchal Households in
Connecticut, 1750–1820

Toby L. Ditz

Land, Power, and Reputation:
The Cultural Dimension of
Politics in the Ohio Country

Andrew R. L. Cayton

Reviews of Books

Merrell, The Indians’ New World: Catawbas and Their Neighbors from European Contact
through the Era of Removal
. By Theda Perdue288

Delbanco, The Puritan Ordeal. By Stephen Foster290

Gatta, Gracious Laughter: The Meditative Wit of Edward Taylor. By Charles W. Mignon294

Melvoin, New England Outpost: War and Society in Colonial Deerfield. By Neal Salisbury296

Baarsen, Jackson–Stops, Johnston, and Dee, Courts and Colonies: The William and Mary
Style in Holland, England, and America
. By Peter Kaellgren298

Balmer, A Perfect Babel of Confusion: Dutch Religion and English Culture in the Middle
. By David William Voorhees301

Rountree, The Powhatan Indians of Virginia: Their Traditional Culture. By James H. Merrell303

Colonial Chesapeake Society, ed. Carr, Morgan, and Russo. By Sarah S. Hughes305

Spindel, Crime and Society in North Carolina, 1663–1776. By Alan D. Watson309

Thorp, The Moravian Community in Colonial North Carolina: Pluralism on the Southern
. By James P. Whittenburg311

Coclanis, The Shadow of a Dream: Economic Life and Death in the South Carolina Low Country, 1670–1920. By Carville Earle313

The Constitution and the States: The Role of the Original Thirteen in the Framing and Adoption
of the Federal Constitution
, ed. Conley and Kaminski. By Robert A. Becker316

Ratifying the Constitution, ed. Gillespie and Liensch. By Robert A. Becker316

Hill, French Perceptions of the Early American Republic, 1783–1793. By Clifford L. Egan319