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William and Mary Quarterly

3d ser., 40, no. 2 April 1983

A Small Planter’s Profits:
The Cole Estate and the
Growth of the Early Chesapeake Economy

Russell R. Menard, Lois Green Carr, Lorena S. Walsh

Philadelphia Merchants and the
Logic of Moderation, 1760–1775

Thomas M. Doerflinger

James Madison and the Nationalists,

Lance Banning

Notes and Documents

John Dickinson at the Federal
Constitutional Convention

James H. Hutson

A New-Found Washington Letter of 1774
and the Fairfax Resolves

Donald M. Sweig

The Historical Atlas of Canada: A Preview
Cole Harris

Reviews of Books

Isaac, The Transformation of Virginia, 1740–1790. By T. H. Breen298

Cochran, Frontiers of Change: Early Industrialism in America. By Thomas M. Doerflinger302

Hindle, Emulation and Invention. By Thomas M. Doerflinger302

Jeremy, Transatlantic Industrial Revolution: The Diffusion of Textile Technologies between
Britain and America, 1790–1830s
. By Thomas M. Doerflinger302

Salisbury, Manitou and Providence: Indians, Europeans, and the Making of New England, 1500–1643. By Glenn W. LaFantasie309

Wright, The Only Land They Knew: The Tragic Story of the American Indians in the Old South.
By Theda Perdue312

The Papers of William Penn. Vol. One:1644–1679, ed. Dunn and Dunn, et al. By Sydney V.

Roeber, Faithful Magistrates and Republican Lawyers: Creators of Virginia Legal Culture, 1680–1810. By Gwenda Morgan317

Peters, Pitt and Popularity: The Patriot Minister and London Opinion during the Seven Years’
. By Carol Lynn H. Knight319

Akers, The Divine Politician: Samuel Cooper and the American Revolution in Boston. By
Richard D. Brown321

Hast, Loyalism in Revolutionary Virginia: The Norfolk Area and the Eastern Shore. By Joan R. Gundersen322

Countryman, A People in Revolution: The American Revolution and Political Society in New
York, 1760–1790
By Milton M. Klein325

Risch, Supplying Washington’s Army. By E. Wayne Carp327

Gillett, The Army Medical Department, 1775–1818. By E. Wayne Carp327

Walker, Engineers of Independence: A Documentary History of the Army Engineers in the American Revolution. By E. Wayne Carp327

Marini, Radical Sects of Revolutionary New England. By Edwin S. Gaustad330

Kirsch, Jeremy Belknap: A Biography. By Peter C. Hoffer332

Geggus, Slavery, War, and Revolution: The British Occupation of Saint Domingue, 1793–1798.
By Michael Craton333

Haskins and Johnson, The Oliver Wendell Holmes Devise of History of the Supreme Court of the United States. Vol. II:Foundations of Power: John Marshall, 1801–15. By Francis N. Stites336