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William and Mary Quarterly

3d ser., 38, no. 4 October 1981

George Robert Twelve Hewes (1742–1840):
A Boston Shoemaker and the
Memory of the American Revolution

Alfred F. Young

New England and the Challenge of Heresy,
1630–1660: The Puritan Crisis in
Transatlantic Perspective

Stephen Foster

Ordering the Backcountry:
The South Carolina Regulation

Rachel N. Klein

Notes and Documents

Law and Liberty: In the Matter of
Provost William Smith of Philadelphia, 1758

Peter C. Hoffer

The “Liberty or Death” Speech:
A Note on Religion and Revolutionary Rhetoric

Charles L. Cohen

Documents of the Spanish Florida Borderlands:
A Calendaring Project at the University of Florida

Michael V. Gannon

Reviews of Books

The United States and Russia: The Beginning of Relations, 1765–1815, ed. Bashkina et al. By David M. Griffiths725

Rossiia I SShA: Stanovlenie otnoshenii, 1765–1815, ed. Bashkina et al. By David M. Griffiths725

Plymouth Court Records, 1686–1859, ed. Konig. By Herbert A. Johnson730

Three British Revolutions: 1641, 1688, 1776, ed. Pocock By George Rude735

Cressy, Literacy and the Social Order: Reading and Writing in Tudor and Stuart England. By
Mark A. Kishlansky738

Holmes, Communities in Transition: Bedford and Lincoln, Massachusetts, 1729–1850 By Linda Auwers740

The Journal of Samuel Kirkland: 18th-century Missionary to the Iroquois, Government Agent, Father of Hamilton College, ed. Pilkington By James H. Smylie742

Allan and Scholfield, Stephen Hales: Scientist and Philanthropist. By Herbert A. Leventhal744

Estes, Hall Jackson and the Purple Foxglove: Medical Practice and Research in Revolutionary America, 1760–1820 By Herbert A. Leventhal744

Blanco, Physician of the American Revolution, Jonathan Potts By Herbert A. Leventhal744

Sears, The First One Hundred Years of Town Planning in Georgia By Frederick D. Nichols746

Mills, Bishop by Ballot: An Eighteenth-Century Ecclesiastical Revolution By James B. Bell747

Lutz, Popular Consent and Popular Control: Whig Political Theory in the Early State
By James H. Kettner749

Hawke, Those Tremendous Mountains: The Story of the Lewis and Clark Expedition By Lester J. Cappon751