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William and Mary Quarterly

3d ser., 74, no. 2 April 2017

Forum: World and Ground

Christopher Grasso and Peter C. Mancall, World and Ground195   |  Abstract

Juliana Barr, There’s No Such Thing as “Prehistory”: What the Longue Durée of Caddo and Pueblo History Tells Us about Colonial America203   |  Abstract

Susan Juster, Planting the “great cross”: The Life, and Death, of Crosses in English America241   |  Abstract

Gregory E. O’Malley, Slavery’s Converging Ground: Charleston’s Slave Trade as the Black Heart of the Lowcountry271   |  Abstract

Cathy Matson, Putting the Lydia to Sea: The Material Economy of Shipping in Colonial Philadelphia303   |  Abstract

Reviews of Books