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A People’s Army

Massachusetts Soldiers and Society in the Seven Years’ War

Fred Anderson

Cloth ISBN 9780807816110

Paper ISBN 9780807845769

Copyright 1984 by the University of North Carolina Press

A Prize-Winning Book

  Jamestown Prize (1982)
  Distinguished Book Award, Society of Colonial Wars in the State of New York (1987)

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Anderson has struck exactly the right chord for a correct understanding of the military relationship between the British professional army and the Massachusetts soldiery in mid-eighteenth century. . . . This pathbreaking interpretation is important to every student of the colonial wars and the American Revolution.

--Douglas E. Leach

Never before have we had so detailed and insightful a potrayal of the impact of military affairs and war on the shaping of American colonial society. . . . It is a first-rate example of that ‘new’ military history which makes military history as it should be, an integral part of history at large.

--Russell F. Weigley

[Combines] social and military history, and in the process [Anderson] has drawn on a third genre. The result is a suggestive and intriguing book, as important for its method as it is for its conclusions.

--William and Mary Quarterly

Strikingly original. . . . Carefully composed and thoroughly researched.

--New York Review of Books

A convincing portrait of the psychosocial impact of the French and Indian War on the fighting men of Massachusetts.

--New York Times Book Review

An excellent blend of social and military history, exploding traditional views on the social makeup and motivation to service of Bay Colony soldiers. . . . Richly describes daily life and battle experiences.

--Library Journal

[A] masterpiece. . . . A superlative piece of scholarship. The volume is 'must' reading for every student of military, social, or early American history.

--American Historical Review