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Negotiating Status and Scope of Action: Interrelations between Slavery and Other Forms of Dependency in Early Modern Europe

June 15, 2017 - June 17, 2017

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Description: Taking a praxeological approach, the conference will pursue the following questions: How did contemporaries negotiate the legal and social status of persons forcibly transported to Europe? How did naming, court rulings, contracts, bureaucratic procedures and everyday practices mark commonalities and/or differences between slavery and other forms of bondage and dependency? To what extent did contemporaries assign to these persons existing legal, economic and social forms of bondage and dependency, such as the status of prisoner of war, convict, serf, domestic servant, or ward? What role did the age, gender, “race” and religion of trafficked persons play in this process of assignation? Did these processes of negotiation have repercussions for existing forms of bondage and dependency in Europe?


University of Bremen

Bremen Germany

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