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As part of our ongoing commitment to excellence in early American scholarship, the Omohundro Institute offers a variety of lectures and learning opportunities at no charge. These include lectures designed for both scholarly and non-scholarly audiences, such as the Council and McGiffert lectures, and talks given with a primarily academic audience in mind, such as the Vast Early America lecture series. All are welcome at all events.

Our current lectures include:

  • Author Series – Offered as part of the Institute’s commitment to introducing its authors and their work in Early American scholarship directly to public audiences.
  • Council Lecture Series – Reflects the Omohundro Institute’s ongoing commitment to excellence in early American scholarship. It is meant for both scholarly and non-scholarly audiences.
  • McGiffert Lecture Series – Honoring the late Mike McGiffert, former editor of the William and Mary Quarterly, delivered by an author whose work won one of the WMQ awards in the past year.
  • Vast Early America Lecture – Features a scholar whose work has appeared in the William and Mary Quarterly and whose topic has strong cross-disciplinary appeal to scholars of history, literature, gender and sexuality, race and identity, and cultural studies.

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