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3D SER., 54, NO. 4 (OCTOBER 1997)

Religion in Early America 
Jon Butler

The Post-Puritan Paradigm of Early American Religious History 
Charles L. Cohen

Dreaming of the Savior&#;s Blood: Moravians and the Indian Great Awakening in Pennsylvania 
Jane T. Merritt

Religious Discipline and the Market: Puritans and the Issue of Usury 
Mark Valeri

“By All the Conduct of Their Lives”: A Laywomen&#;s Confraternity in New Orleans, 1730&#;1744 
Emily Clark

Contesting Control of Orthodoxy among the Godly: William Pynchon Reexamined 
Michael P. Winship

Notes and Documents

Jonathan Edwards on Slavery and the Slave Trade 
Kenneth P. Minkema

Natural Religion and Deism in America before Ethan Allen and Thomas Paine 
A. Owen Aldridge

Reviews of Books

Bullock, Revolutionary Brotherhood: Freemasonry and the Transformation of the American Social Order, 1730&#;1840. By Margaret C. Jacob 849

Hufton, The Prospect before Her: A History of Women in Western Europe. Volume One: 1500&#;1800. By William Monter 851

Pagden, Lords of All the World: Ideologies of Empire in Spain, Britain, and France, c. 1500&#;c. 1800. By James Muldoon 853

Countryman, Americans: A Collision of Histories. By Gary J. Kornblith 855

The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620&#;1633, comp. Anderson. By Gloria L. Main 857

The Journal of John Winthrop, 1630&#;1649, ed. Dunn, Savage, and Yeandle. By J. William T. Youngs 861

Discovering the Women in Slavery: Emancipating Perspectives on the American Past, ed. Morton.
More than Chattel: Black Women and Slavery in the Americas, ed. Gasparand Hine.
By Susan Westbury 863

Essah, A House Divided: Slavery and Emancipation in Delaware, 1638&#;1865. By T. Stephen Whitman 866

Terrar, Social, Economic, and Religious Beliefs among Maryland Catholic Laboring People during the Period of the English [Civil] War, 1639&#;1660. By Beatriz Betancourt Hardy 868

Hayes, A Colonial Woman&#;s Bookshelf. By Konstantin Dierks 870

Cayton, Frontier Indiana. By Stephen Aron 872

Jennings, Benjamin Franklin, Politician. By Benjamin H. Newcomb 874

Shteir, Cultivating Women, Cultivating Science: Flora&#;s Daughters and Botany in England, 1760&#;1860. By Abigail Lustig 876

Pynchon, Mason and Dixon. By Edward Gray 877

Herrnhuter, Indianermission in der Amerikanschen Revolution: Die Tagebücher von David Zeisberger 1772 bis 1781, ed. Wellenreuther and Wessel. By Jon F. Sensbach 880

Mayer, Belonging to the Army: Camp Followers and Community during the American Revolution. By Richard Buel, Jr. 881

The Papers of George Washington. Revolutionary Series. Volume 4: April&#;June 1776. Volume 5: June–August 1776, Volume 6: August–October 1776. Volume 7: October 1776–January 1777, ed. Abbot, Twohig, et al. By David Syrett 883

The Adams Papers. Series II: Adams Family Correspondence. Volume 5: October 1782&#;November 1784. Volume 6: December 1784–December 1785. Index, ed. Ryerson et al. The Adams Papers. Series III: General Correspondence and Other Papers of the Adams Statesmen. Papers of John Adams. Volume 9: March 1780–July 1780. Volume 10: July 1780–December 1780. Index, ed. Lint et al. By Richard Middleton 886

The Emerging Nation: A Documentary History of the Foreign Relations of the United States under the Articles of Confederation, 1780&#;1789, ed. Giunta et al. By Jerald A. Combs 892

O&#;Brien, The Long Affair: Thomas Jefferson and the French Revolution, 1785&#;1800. By David A. Grimsted 893

Samuels, Romances of the Republic: Women, the Family, and Violence in the Literature of the Early American Nation. By Philip Gould 895

Robertson, The Language of Democracy: Political Rhetoric in the United States and Britain, 1790&#;1900. By Peter Thompson 897

Spalding and Garrity, A Sacred Union of Citizens: George Washington&#;s Farewell Address and the American Character. By James H. Reed 899

Hanyan and Hanyan, De Witt Clinton and the Rise of the People&#;s Men. By Paul A. Gilje 901


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