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3D SER., 45, NO. 4 (OCTOBER 1988)

Immigrant Origins of the Virginia Gentry: A Study of Cultural Transmission and Innovation
Martin H. Quitt

The Abigail Industry
Edith B. Gelles

Economic Growth in Canada, 1695&#;1739: Estimates and Analysis
Morris Altman

Notes and Documents

John Smith Satirized: The Legend of Captaine Iones
Alden T. Vaughan

“Revising what we have done amisse”: John Cotton and John Wheelwright, 1640
Sargent Bush, Jr.

Giants in the Earth: Science and the Occult in Cotton Mather”s Letters to the Royal Society
David Levin


Reviews of Books

Greene, Peripheries and Center: Constitutional Development in the Extended Polities of the British Empire and the United States, 1607&#;1788. By Hendrik Hartog773

Reid, Constitutional History of the American Revolution. Vol. I: The Authority of Rights. Vol. II: The Authority to Tax. By Stephen A. Conrad775

Lockridge, The Diary, and Life, of William Byrd II of Virginia, 1674&#;1744. By Richard S. Dunn779

Fagan, The Great Journey: The Peopling of Ancient America. By Jesse D. Jennings782

Colonial Identity in the Atlantic World, 1500&#;1800, ed. Canny and Pagden. By Dauril Alden784

Cressy, Coming Over: Migration and Communication between England and New England in the Seventeenth Century. By David Grayson Allen787

Beyond the Covenant Chain: The Iroquois and Their Neighbors in Indian North America, 1600&#;1800, ed. Richter and Merrell. By Richard Aquila789

Stavely, Puritan Legacies: Paradise Lost and the New England Tradition, 1630&#;1890. By James Holstun791

Mann, Neighbors and Strangers: Law and Community in Early Connecticut. By James A. Henretta793

Dufour, Modernization in Colonial Massachusetts, 1630&#;1763. By John A. Schutz797

Armour,, The Merchants of Albany, New York, 1686&#;1760. By Oliver A. Rink799

Salinger, “To serve well and faithfully”: Labor and Indentured Servants in Pennsylvania, 1682&#;1800. By John K. Alexander801

Saunders and Miles, American Colonial Portraits, 1700&#;1776. By Karin Calvert803

Corrigan, The Hidden Balance: Religion and the Social Theories of Charles Chauncy and Jonathan Mayhew. By Robert J. Wilson III805

The Papers of William Livingston. Vols I&#;IV, ed. Prince, et al. By Michael C. Batinski807

Zagarri, The Politics of Size: Representation in the United States, 1776&#;1850. By Richard P. McCormick811

Lamplugh, Politics on the Periphery: Factions and Parties in Georgia, 1783&#;1806. By Milton L. Ready812

Watts, The Republic Reborn: War and the Making of Liberal America, 1790&#;1820. By Michael Meranze814


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