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3D SER., 40, NO. 1 (JANUARY 1983)

Buchanan and Simson, 1759&#;1763: A Different Kind of Glasgow Firm 
Trading to the Chesapeake 
Jacob M. Price

“The History of the Tuesday Club”: A Mock-Jeremiad of the Colonial South 
Robert Micklus

Artisans, Journeymen, and the Transformation of Labor in 
Late Eighteenth&#;Century Philadelphia 
Sharon V. Salinger

Notes and Documents

“Liberty Further Extended”: A 1776 Antislavery Manuscript by 
Lemuel Haynes 
Ruth Bogin

Motive for Murder: A Servant&#;s Life in Virginia, 1678 
T.H. Breen, James H. Lewis, and Keith Schlesinger

Samuel Gorton and Religious Radicalism in England, 1644&#;1648 
Philip F. Gura


Reviews of Books

Wrigley and Schofield, The Population History of England, 1541&#;1871: A Reconstruction. By Robert V. Wells 127

Galenson, White Servitude in Colonial Amerca: An Economic Analysis. By Paul G. E. Clemens 132

Sheridan, Lewis Morris, 1671&#;1746: A Study in Early American Politics. By Jacob Judd 135

Anderson, Historians and Eighteenth-Century Europe, 1715&#;1789 By Thomas F. Sheppard 137

Daniell, Colonial New Hampshire: A History. By John A. Schutz 137

The Diary of Isaac Backus. Vol. I:1741&#;1764. Vol. II:1765–1785. Vol. III:1786–1806, ed. McLoughlin. By Nathan O. Hatch 141

Geissler, Jonathan Edwards to Aaron Burr, Jr.: From the Great Awakening to Democratic Politics. By Joseph Conforti 142

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin: A Genetic Text, ed. Lemay and Zall. By Michael Robertson 144

Lippy, Seasonable Revolutionary: The Mind of Charles Chauncy. By Conrad Edick Wright 147

Conforti, Samuel Hopkins and the New Divinity Movement: Calvinism , the Congregational Ministry, and Reform in New England between the Great Awakenings. By Richard D. Birdsall 148

Chesapeake Bay in the American Revolution, ed. Eller. By Harry M. Ward 150

Reid, In Defiance of the Law: The Standing-Army Controversy, the Two Constitutions, and the Coming of the American Revolution. By Hugh F. Bell 151

Royster, Light-Horse Harry Lee and the Legacy of the American Revolution. By Robert Dawidoff 154

The Papers of Robert Morris, 1781&#;1784. Vol. 2:August–September 1781. Vol. 3:October 1, 1781–January 10, 1782. Vol. 4:January 11–April 15, 1782. Vol. 5:April 16–July 20, 1782, ed. Ferguson et al. By Joseph A. Ernst 156

John Jay: The Winning of the Peace. Unpublished Papers, 1780&#;1784. Vol. II, ed. Morris. By Donald Roper 160

Haw, Beirne, Beirne, and Jett, Stormy Patriot: The Life of Samuel Chase. By James H. Broussard 162

Journal of the House of Representatives of Massachusetts. Vol. XLIV: 1767&#;1768. Vol. XLV: 1768–1769. Vol. XLVI: 1770. Vol. XLVII: 1770–1771. Vol. XLVIII: 1771–1772. Vol. XLIX: 1772–1773. Vol. L: 1773–1774, ed. Freiberg. By John H. Cary 164

An Appreciation Lyman Henry Butterfield
Director of the Institute 1951&#;1954 
Whitfield J. Bell, Jr.

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