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3D SER., 37, NO. 2 (APRIL 1980)

The Ethnic Origins of the American People, 1790 
Forrest McDonald and Ellen Shapiro McDonald

Explaining the Revolution: Ideology and Ethics in Mercy Otis Warren&#;s Historical Theory 
Lester H. Cohen

Publication and the Puritan Minister 
George Selement

Officeholding in Providence, Rhode Island, 1646 to 1686: A Quantitative Analysis 
Robert deV. Brunkow

Notes and Documents

“For Their Spiritual Good”: The Northampton, Massachusetts, Prayer Bids
of the 1730s and 1740s 
Stephen J. Stein

Christ the Glory of All Types: The Initial Sermon from Edward Taylor&#;s “Upon the Types of the Old Testament” 
Charles W. Mignon

Stephen Sayre and Frederick the Great: A Proposal for a Prussian Protectorate for Dominica (1777) 
Walter Holzinger


Reviews of Books

New Directions in American Intellectual History, ed. Higham and Conkin. By Robert Allen Skotheim 314

Kammen, A Season of Youth: The American Revolution and the Historical Imagination. By Robert Allen Skotheim 314

White, A Village at War: Chatham, New Jersey, and the American Revolution. By Larry R. Gerlach 320

Hoerder, Crowd Action in Revolutionary Massachusetts, 1765&#;1780. By L. Kinvin Wroth 322

Foner, Tom Paine and Revolutionary America. By Drew R. McCoy 324

Thomas, The Honest Mind: The Thought and Work Richard Price. By Carl B. Cone 326

Richard Price and the Ethical Foundations of the American Revolution: Selections from his Pamphlets, with Appendices, eds. Peach and Larson. By Carl B. Cone 326

Risjord, Chesapeake Politics, 1781&#;1800. By David A. Bohmer 328

The Papers of Alexander Hamilton, eds., Syrett et al. By Forrest McDonald 330

Lomask, Aaron Burr: The Years from Princeton to Vice President. By Richard A. Harrison 333

White, Beekmantown, New York: Forest Frontier to Farm Community. By David Maldwyn Ellis 335

Craton, Searching for the Invisible Man: Slaves and Plantation Life in Jamaica. By Richard B. Sheridan 337

Handler and Lange, Plantation Slavery in Barbados: An Archaeological and Historical Investigation. By Michael Mullin 339

Savitt, Medicine and Slavery: The Diseases and Health Care of Blacks in Antebellum Virginia. By Donald J. D&#;Elia 342

Slyozkin, U istokov amerikanskoy istorii [At the Sources of American History]. By Philip L. Barbour 344

Benes, The Masks of Orthodoxy: Folk Gravestone Carving in Plymouth County, Massachusetts, 1689&#;1805. By Diana Williams Combs 346

Essays in Early Virginia Literature Honoring Richard Beale Davis, ed. Lemay. By William L. Hedges 348

Davis, A Colonial Southern Bookshelf: Reading in the Eighteenth Century. By Edwin Wolf 350

Taylor, Colonial Connecticut: A History. By Floyd M. Shumway 353

Karsten, Patriot-Heroes in England and America: Political Symbolism and Changing Values over Three Centuries. By Richard C. Vitzthum 354

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