The Papers of John Marshall

Vol. VII: Correspondence, Papers, and Selected Judicial Opinions, April 1807-December 1813
Edited by Charles F. Hobson, Suzanne E. Coffman, Mark A. Mastromarino, and Laura S. Gwilliam
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Publisher: Omohundro Institute and University of North Carolina Press
Imprint: OIEAHC
Cloth/Hardcover Publication Date: 03/1993
Pages: 522
Paperback ISBN: 9781469623542
Paperback Publication Date: 03/2015


Collected here are correspondence, papers, and legal documents–including selected judicial opinions–of American jurist John Marshall. Revolutionary officer, congressman, and secretary of state before his appointment to the Supreme Court, Marshall served as the Court’s fourth Chief Justice. In this capacity, he helped define the role of the Court and elevate its status, as he interpreted the Constitution from the bench. The documents presented in these volumes–with introductory material and notes–shed light not only on Marshall’s life and thought but on the evolution of American jurisprudence as well.

About The Author

Charles F. Hobson, editor of The Papers of John Marshall, is a resident scholar at the William and Mary School of Law.

Suzanne E. Coffman, Assistant Editor of The Papers of John Marshall

Mark A. Mastromarino, Assistant Editor of The Papers of John Marshall

Laura S. Gwilliam, Editorial Assistant of The Papers of John Marshall.

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