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William and Mary Quarterly

Third Series, Volume LVI
January 1999

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“Wealth and Welfare in Early Maryland:  Evidence from St. Mary’s County.”

By Lois Green Carr and Russell R. Menard.

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Table XI: Household Structure, 1774

Male Heads 0.9167
Female Heads
Other Free Male Inmates 0.3241
Wives 0.7051
Daughters 0.4475
Hired Free Women Servants 0.1041
Other Free Female Inmates 0.1976
Male Indentured Servants 0.0203
Female Indentured Servants 0.0000
White Children 2.7473
Slaves, Taxable 1.9147
Slaves, Not Taxable 1.7675
Wealthholders 2.2454
Wealthholding Inmates 1.2454
Total Persons per Household 9.4082
Total Whites per Household 5.7260