Douglass Adair Memorial Award, 1972-2022

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* notes those articles that also won the Cappon Award

Year of AwardArticleIssue
2022Miles Grier, “Staging the Cherokee Othello: An Imperial Economy of Indian Watching”January 2016


Christine DeLucia, “Fugitive Collections in New England Indian Country: Indigenous Material Culture and Early American History Making at Ezra Stiles’s Yale Museum”

January 2018

2018*Rebecca Earle,“The Pleasures of Taxonomy: Casta Paintings, Classification, and Colonialism”July 2016
2016Chris Evans, “The Plantation Hoe: The Rise and Fall of an Atlantic Commodity, 1650–1850”January 2012
2014Katherine Grandjean, “New World Tempests: Environment, Scarcity, and the Coming of the Pequot War”January 2011
2012Greg O’Malley, “Beyond the Middle Passage: Slave Migration from the Caribbean to North America, 1619–1807”January 2009
2010Alexander X. Byrd, “Eboe, Country, Nation, and Gustavus Vassa’s Interesting NarrativeJanuary 2006
2008David J. Silverman, “Indians, Missionaries, and Religious Translation: Creating Wampanoag Christianity in Seventeenth-Century Martha’s Vineyard”April 2005
2006Michael Johnson, “Denmark Vesey and His Co-Conspirators”October 2001
2004Christopher L. Brown, “Empire without Slaves: British Concepts of Emancipation in the Age of the American Revolution”April 1999
2002Susan Juster, “Mystical Pregnancy and Holy Bleeding: Visionary Experience in Early Modern Britain and America”April 2000
2000Holly Brewer, “Entailing Aristocracy in Colonial Virginia: ‘Ancient Feudal Restraints’ and Revolutionary Reform”April 1997
1998Ira Berlin, “From Creole to African: Atlantic Creoles and the Origins of African-American Society in Mainland North America”April 1996
1996*Cornelia Hughes Dayton, “Taking the Trade: Abortion and Gender Relations in an Eighteenth-Century New England Village”January 1991
1994T.H. Breen, “Narrative of Commercial Life: Consumption, Ideology, and Community on the Eve of the American Revolution”July 1993
1992*Daniel F. Vickers, “Competency and Competition: Economic Culture in Early America”January 1990
1990*Daniel W. Howe, “The Political Psychology of The FederalistJuly 1987
1988James H. Merrell, “The Indians’ New World: The Catawba Experience”October 1984
1986*Alfred F. Young, “George Robert Twelves Hewes (1742–1840): A Boston Shoemaker and the Memory of the American Revolution”October 1981
1984*Gordon S. Wood, “Conspiracy and the Paranoid Style: Causalty and Deceit in the Eighteenth Century”July 1982
1982Darrett B. Rutman and Anita H. Rutman, “Of Agues and Fevers: Malaria in the Early Chesapeake”January 1976
1980*Rhys Isaac, “Evangelical Revolt: The Nature of the Baptists’ Challenge to the Traditional Order in Virginia, 1765 to 1775”July 1974
1976*Pauline Maier, “Popular Uprisings and Civil Authority in Eighteenth-Century America”January 1970
1972*Edmund S. Morgan, “The Puritan Ethic and the American Revolution”January 1967