3D SER., 64, NO. 1 (JANUARY 2007)

Free to Enslave: Politics and the Escalation of Britain&#’s Transatlantic Slave Trade, 688&#;1714
William Pettigrew

After the ÜMourning Wars”: The Iroquois as Allies in Colonial American Campaigns, 1675&#;1760  | Web Supplement
Jon Parmenter

Forum: Black Founders  | Web Supplement

Richard S. Newman and Roy E. Finkenbine, Black Founders in the New Republic: Introduction.83

Roy E. Finkenbine, Belinda&#’s Petition: Reparations for Slavery in Revolutionary Massachusetts.95  | Web Supplement

Peter P. Hinks, John Marrant and the Meaning of Early Black Freemasonry.105  | Web Supplement

Richard S. Newman, ÜWe Participate in Common”: Richard Allen&#’s Eulogy of Washington and the Challege of Inter-Racial Appeals.117  | Web Supplement

Julie Winch, The Making and Meaning of James Forten&#’s ÜLetters from a Man of Colour”.129  | Web Supplement

Stephen Hall, ÜA Search for Truth”: Jacob Oson and the Beginnings of African American Historiography.139  | Web Supplement

Manisha Sinha, To ÜCast Just Obliquy” on Oppressors: Black Radicalism in the Age of Revolution.149  | Web Supplement

Richard S. Newman, Roy E. Finkenbine, and Douglass Mooney, Philadelphia Emigrationist Petition, Circa 792: An Introduction.161

Notes and Documents

Letters by African American Sailors, 799&#;1814
W. Jeffrey Bolster

Reviews of Books

ÜThe Decline and Fall of the Spanish Empire?” a review essay of Kamen, Empire: How Spain Became a World Power, 1492&#;1763 ; Thomas, Rivers of Gold: The Rise of the Spanish Empire, from Columbus to Magellan; Elliott, Empires of the Atlantic World: Britain and Spain in America, 1492–1830; Silverblatt, Modern Inquisitions: Peru and the Colonial Origins of the Civilized World; Weber, Barbaros: Spaniards and Their Savages in the Age of Enlightenment; Powers, Women in the Crucible of Conquest: The Gendered Genesis of Spanish American Society, 1500–1600; Kellogg, Weaving the Past: A History of Latin America&#’s Indigenous Women from the Prehispanic Period to the Present; Kellogg, Weaving the Past: A History of Latin America&#;s Indigenous Women from the Prehispanic Period to the Present; Townsend, Malintzin’s Choices: An Indian Woman in the Conquest of Mexico; and Metcalf, Go-Betweens and the Colonization of Brazil, 1500–1600. By Matthew Restall183

Hackel, Children of Coyote, Missionaries of Saint Francis:Indian-Spanish Relations in Colonial California, 769&#;1850 . By David J. Silverman194

Marshall, The Making and Unmaking of Empires: Britain, India, and America c.750&#;1783 ; and Sarson, British America, 1500–1800: Creating Colonies, Imagining an Empire. By Ned C. Landsman199

ÜAtlantic History Is the New ‘New Social History,&#’” a reviews essay of Mancke and Shammas, eds., The Creation of the British Atlantic World ; Olwell and Tully, eds., Cultures and Identities in Colonial British America; and Gould and Onuf, eds., Empire and Nation: The American Revolution in the Atlantic World. By Wayne Bodle203

ÜHiding in Plain Sight: Artisans and the Making of Transatlantic Modernity,” a review essay of Smith, The Body of the Artisan: Art and Experience in the Scientific Revolution ; and Kamil, Fortress of the Soul: Violence, Metaphysics, and Material Life in the Huguenots&#’ New World, 1517&#;1751. By Mark A. Peterson220

Ekirch, At Day&#’s Close: Night in Times Past . By Carla Gerona230

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