3D SER., 58, NO. 1 (JANUARY 2001)

Henry Louis Gates, Jr.



David Brion Davis and Robert P. Forbes

The Transatlantic Slave Trade: A New Census
Barbara L. Solow

The Volume and Structure of the Transatlantic Slave Trade: A Reassessment  | Web Supplement
David Eltis

African Conceptions of Gender and the Slave Traffic  | Web Supplement
G. Ugo Nwokeji

Shipboard Revolts, African Authority, and the Atlantic Slave Trade
David Richardson

Transoceanic Mortality: The Slave Trade in Comparative Perspective  | Web Supplement
Herbert S. Klein, Stanley L. Engerman, Robin Haines, and Ralph Shlomowitz

The French Slave Trade: An Overview
David Geggus

The Chesapeake Slave Trade: Regional Patterns, African Origins, and Some Implications  | Web Supplement
Lorena S. Walsh

Markets, Transaction Cycles, and Profits: Merchant Decision Making in the British Slave Trade
Stephen D. Behrendt

The Dynamics of the Slave Market and Slave Purchasing Patterns in Jamaica, 655&#;1788
Trevor Burnard and Kenneth J. Morgan

The Slave Trade as History and Memory: Confrontations of Slaving Voyage Documents and Communal Traditions
Ralph A. Austen

Considering the Slave Trade: History and Memory
Bernard Bailyn

Reviews of Books

Eltis, The Rise of African Slavery in the Americas . By Stephanie E. Smallwood253

The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade: A Database on CD-ROM, ed. Eltis, Behrendt, Richardson, and Klein By Stephanie E. Smallwood253

Teaching the Literatures of Early America , ed. Mulford. By Ivy T. Schweitzer261

Scanlan, Colonial Writing and the New World, 583&#;1671: Allegories of Desire . By Peter Hulme270

Landers, Black Society in Spanish Florida . By Daniel C. Littlefield272

Din, Spaniards, Planters, and Slaves: The Spanish Regulation of Slavery in Louisiana, 763&#;1803 . By Jennifer M. Spear276

Butler, Becoming America: The Revolution before 776 . By Ruth H. Bloch278

Wokeck, Trade in Strangers: The Beginnings of Mass Migration to North America . By Marilyn C. Baseler282

Baseler, ÜAsylum for Manking”: America, 1607&#;1800 . By Anita Tien285

Hoffman and Mason, Princes of Ireland, Planters of Maryland: A Carroll Saga, 500&#;1782 . By Richard S. Dunn288

Onuf, Jefferson? Empire: The Language of American Nationhood . By James T. Kloppenberg291

Gardner, Master Plots: Race and the Founding of an American Literature, 787&#;1845 . By Dana D. Nelson294

Appleby, Inheriting the Revolution: The First Generation of Americans . By Paul E. Johnson296

Hodges, Slavery, Freedom, and Culture among Early American Workers . By By Michele Gillespie300

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