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Doing History

Season Two: To The Revolution!

Doing History Session 2Season 2 (2017) synthesizes Season 1’s discussions into a demonstration of how differently scholars approach, understand, and portray the events comprising the American Revolution. “Doing History: To the Revolution!” puts listeners in the minds of today’s top scholars as they seek to articulate America’s formation.

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Episode 161: Smuggling and the American Revolution

At the end of the French and Indian, or Seven Years’ War in 1763, Great Britain claimed that smuggling was a BIG problem in its North American colonies and cracked down on the practice.

But just how BIG of a problem was smuggling in North America? Why did British North Americans choose to engage in the illegal importation of goods like tea? Was it really all about cheaper prices?

Fabrício Prado, Christian Koot, and Wim Klooster join us to explore the history of smuggling in the eighteenth-century Atlantic World and to investigate the connections between smuggling and the American Revolution.

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