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Application for Omohundro Institute-NEH Postdoctoral Fellowship

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Please follow these five steps:

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  3. Provide dissertation information and references.
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Further information may be obtained by contacting the Institute (email: or phone 757-221-1114).

Step 1: Enter your name and email address

  • Applicants must have completed the doctorate by the application deadline. Please indicate your status by filling out the appropriate field below.
    • Ph.D. conferred on
    • Ph.D. pending but I have completed all the requirements for receipt of the degree, including a successful defense on .
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  • Applicants must not have previously published a scholarly book or have entered into a contract for the publication of a scholarly monograph.
  • The proposed fellowship project must not be under contract with another publisher.
  I have read the requirements above.
The committee reiterates that all requirements for receipt of the Ph.D., including the completion of a successful defense, must be realized by the submission deadline. All applicants not meeting those criteria will be disqualified.


Application must be submitted electronically by October 30, 2017.