Ann H. Hunter has been working to transcribe the records of the Commissioners for Indian Affairs at Albany, a group of mainly Dutch merchants who handled Indian Affairs for the Colony of New York during the 18th Century until Sir William Johnson displaced them, beginning in King George’s War. The transcriptions are now available to download at along with more information about the collection.

The Early Caribbean Digital Archive (ECDA) is a publicly available archive platform for accessing, researching, and contributing pre-twentieth-century Caribbean archival materials.

Ticha is a digital project from Haverford College that seeks to make a corpus of Colonial Zapotec texts accessible to scholars in diverse fields, Zapotec community members, and the general public.

Harvard Library’s Colonial North America collection
The images being transcribed are from the 700,000-plus digitized pages of diaries, recipes, court files, medical records, and other documents that make up Harvard Library’s Colonial North America collection (CNA). 

Freedom on the Move
A database of crowd-sourced information on fugitives from slavery, compiled by University of North Carolina Greensboro libraries.

Transcribe the Georgian Papers
It is not necessary to have experience with transcription nor expertise in the Georgian period of history.  This is a crowdsource project that seeks digital volunteers to engage with, through transcription, these collections of Georgian materials.

Papers of the War Department, 1784-1800
This fascinating project has brought together, from many places and collections, the papers of the United States war department (the original, centralized files were burned in 1800).  

Smithsonian Digital Volunteers  
Provides learning tools for transcription and a wide range of different projects to transcribe.

By the People (Library of Congress) 
With lots of different projects to help transcribe, in multiple languages, the Library of Congress also highlights projects with particular needs, for example right now they are focused on centuries of Spanish legal documents.